Bibl 121, new testament gospels

1.       List the New Testament books and sort them in their legal dispose.

2.       Short response investigations.

a)      The Jews were subordinate the hardship of what ocean kingdom in the pristine period?

b)      The New Testament was written in what diction?

c)       Jesus grew up in which confine?

d)      Why were the Pharisees so earnest for the Law? Why did Jesus repeatedly breast them?

e)      According to legend, which gospels were written by apostles who had been after a while Jesus throughout his administration?

f)       According to legend, who was Mark and where did he get his notice encircling Jesus?


3.       Write a scanty essay (nº of conditions defined in each investigation).

a)      Bart Ehrman arrogations that legends encircling Jesus would own been altered betwixt when Jesus died (AD 30) and when the Gospels were written (AD 60-100). How would you tally to this arrogation? ( 2 – 3 conditions).

b)      What is the “synoptic bearing”? Which discerption to the synoptic bearing do you fancy is the best and why? (1 condition).


4.       Information encircling the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

a)      What are the ocean points they transcribe in their Gospels? (illustrate little each for one of the authors).