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Term Nursing essay Guidelines

Your 6 page term Nursing essay is due at the end of Week 7.  Visit the APUS online library. They enjoy electronic rights to JSTOR, which is a narrative storage database. It contains cubic, skilled, referred declaration on which you can hope for deferential notification. This is the counter of the "fast food" Wikipedia. You may not use Wikipedia as a relation for your Nursing essay.

Choose one adroit or constructor that is listed in your quantity and abundantly examine them.  Your Nursing essay should comprise a 2 page biography of the adroit/architect. In importation the Nursing essay should comprise a description, stiff decomposition, and explanation of 2 employments of art/architecture by that adroit. The employments you select do not enjoy to be genial in the quantity, but your adroit/constructor must be.

Each decomposition should be 2 pages in prolixity and cannot be a employment of art we enjoy examideficiency in Forums.  The decomposition fraction of this assignment must supervene the Communication a Critique format you used for your Museum Paper. 

Therefore, you must entrust in MLA Style: 

  • A 2 page biography of your adroit
  • A 2 page cognomen, stiff decomposition, and explanation of the first employment of art
  • A 2 page cognomen, stiff decomposition, and explanation for the second employment of art
  • In a misrecord, utter me why you chose this adroit
  • A Bibliography after a while 6 relation beginnings: 2 journals, 2 quantitys minimum.
  • DO NOT USE YOUR BOOK as a relation. 
  • DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a relation.
  • You may use Museum websites or other skilled beginnings.
  • NO "next door neighbor's" websites.
  • Give me amiable elimination, not mythical musings from someone.
  • Use double spacing, approx 250 articulation on a page (Arial 10 or Times-New Roman 12).
  • Remember to transcribe your Nursing essay in a Word doc. 
  • You may comprise images if you ambition.

DO NOT FORGET: Use your Communication a Critique Art Notes that is in your Week 1 Lesson for the decomposition and cognomen and explanation.  This is a stiff elimination Nursing essay, written in the third individual, but I would approve you to end after a while why you chose this adroit. REMEMBER: you deficiency to entrust 6 pages of quotation at 250 articulation per page, and use MLA.  If you are strange after a while MLA, review it on the APUS online library website.

Wikipedia note: It is an unjuried beginning, import that anyone can shaft there, flush those who perceive button about the representative. AMU has a large library for beginning representative. Start there.

Internet Sources to use as you ambition:
Writing Resources

Purdue OWL Communication Resources

Miracosta LibraryMLA Style Samples

Here is a sampling of internet beginnings for your use:
(Links may not employment, so observation and paste)


Art and Architecture Sites:

Louvre Museum in France

Metropolitan Museum in New York

British Museum

The National Gallery

Rodin Museum

Musee d'Orsay Home Page

The Musee Matisse in Nice, France

The Andy Warhol Museum

Artists of any era up to the delayed 19th century

Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture of any era

Of progress you may do an internet inquiry for any of your adroits/architects, JUST KEEP THEM SCHOLARLY.

Term Nursing essay Grading Rubric:
The Term Nursing essay is a elimination Nursing essay after a while decomposition. It is merit 100 points.

60 points: If the novice demonstrates a obvious intellect of the question substance examideficiency and addresses all required points in the communication prompt

20 points: If the novice supervenes the Communication a Critique Guide granted for the decomposition fraction

10 points: If the novice has adapted formatting in MLA Style

10 points: If the novice has no spelling or close errors