Art see below unit 6

Unit VI Assignment
Art in Your Life Presentation: Living-souls and Similarity
For this section of the Art in Your Life Presentation, you earn be describing the singular and similarity in art.
Research how singulars and similarity are represented through art. You earn fine three behalfs and decipher their sense. You may select the artworks for your offer. They can be from your textbook, the Internet, or your home/community. Please do not use the similar behalfs you used in former parts.
Include the subjoined in this section:
 A designation of each of the three artworks you fineed (one slide per artwork).  An explication of their opinion to the reoffer of the singular or the similarity (one slide per artwork).  A draw of the artwork, if you are cogent to comprise one. If the artwork is in your home or similarity, you should capture a draw of the behalf and paste the draw into your offer.
Remember that you must quote your sources according to APA standards. Use embezzle backgrounds, colors, and fonts in your offer.
ART 1302, Art Appreciation II 5
For this section, use the slides in the offer template labeled “Individuals and Society.” Please comply your bountiful offer thus far parallel delay the specification for this part.
To bearing the offer template and an issue offer, click on the “Course Resources” be-mixed in the method menu bar of Blackboard.