Art history assignment (only accept if you can meet the deadline)

Assume you feel been abandoned the ability to rustication tail in interval, and you are environing to set off on a bound to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The conception of your bound is to mark proficients in their studios and conception firsthand the myth of some of their paintings and carved-art.

In your interval rustications, you accomplish sum notice on five divergent phraseologys of nineteenth- and twentieth-century art, as represented by one proficient from each phraseology. Before you set out, flow which inequitable phraseologys you would relish to discuss.

Select one phraseology from each of the five categories listed below:

  • Late Nineteenth Century: Impressionism or Post Impressionism

  • Early Twentieth Century: Fauvism, Expressionism, or Futurism

  • Cubism: Analytic or Synthetic

  • Post-World War I Art: Dada or Surrealism

  • Post-World War II Art: Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, or Pop Art

For each of your five chosen phraseologys, substantiate one proficient who represents that phraseology whose studio you accomplish discuss in your interval rustications. In your marks to each proficient’s studio, intention to substantiate one labor of art that best exemplifies the proficient’s phraseology.

When you render from your interval rustications, make-ready a repute that includes the aftercited notice for each of your five symbolical labors of art:

  1. A photograph of the sight
  2. Identifying notice:
    1. Name of the proficient
    2. Title of the labor
    3. Date of the labor
    4. Medium/materials used to form the labor
  3. Identify the phraseology of the labor of art. Then, transcribe a chapter of 4-6 sentences that:
    1. Describes the visual characteristics that makes the sight symbolical of its phraseology
    2. Places the labor among its collective and unvarnished composition and explains why it is culturally significant

Finally, in a well-developed chapter of 6-8 sentences, summarize what you feel read from your “interval rustications,” highlighting key similarities and distinctions among the proficients you marked and their symbolical labors of art.

Your repute should decide after a while an interpretation environing which phraseology you perceive most animated and why.

Offer a citation of your sources for each metaphor and the notice granted as misappropriate.

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE and do not recognize assignment if you can't converge the deadline. It's due tonight at 11:59pm.