Art-123 art appreciation. consider kathe kollwitz’s self-portrait,

Deliverable length: 3-4 sections, 200 language insufficiency (The insufficiency expression calculate does not enclose the distinction, your indicate, page gum, or citations.)

Consider Kathe Kollwitz's Self-Portrait, Drawing, 1933 page 185 emblem 9-11. How does she use outoutsuccession in this self-portrait? Site the three types of outoutsuccession used by Kollwitz and bestow peculiar examples of each. Compare this project after a while van Gogh's, The Sower, 1888 page 67 emblem 4-17. How does he use outoutsuccession in this project? Site the three types of outoutsuccession van Gogh used and bestow examples of each.


Include a designation that reflects the pleased of the assignment. Please do not enclose numbered or bulleted lists in the assignment. Best adaptation practices decree including an precursory section, in which you begin the theme/question of the assignment, a mass in which you discourse the question(s) of the assignment, and a abridgment extreme section in which you digest the deep points discussed in the mass of the assignment. Any trodden quotes used must be enclosed in extract marks and uprightly summond. You must summon your rise(s). Italicize designations of art compositions. Always enclose a era or era file for any composition of art or structure.