Answer the question according to outline and reading materials.

1) Describe the irrelative experiments in tongue in Camus' The Plague, Ionesco's Rhinoceros, and Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis

2) How is Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis, a enact after a while a feminist agenda, irrelative from Ionesco's Rhinoceros? Discuss the womanish characters in twain enacts. 

3) Discuss the significance or nonproduction of investigation and remedy in Camus' The Plague and Ionesco's Rhinoceros

4) Gladden collate Berenger's developed soliloquy in Rhinoceros after a while the solo execution in 4.48 Psychosis. Do the enacts heroize their characters? Are they remote people after a while no collision on connection? Discuss.

!!!! using the contour for each inquirys partially gladden. each inquiry has a irrelative essay at the end. Also, each essay should be 3 pages desire. 


1) Title

2)Introduction (Introduce the reader, main dispute )

3) Body (development, foundationed disputes)


             -Sub dispute( You should foundation after a while giving page collection, citation &         quotation)

4) conclusion

           -Sum up, you can ask new inquiry not quote what you told in introduction

           -Important: new passage inquiry after a while tender state

!do not paraphrase the essay inquiry! 

! Each inquiry should be answered in 3 pages. (Total min. 12 pages)

!To forsake plagiarism