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Literature Proctored Exam 986145RR


1. For Sojourner Truth, deciding which volume of scripture came from those who wrote the Bible, and not
from God, depended on
A. her inland auditor.
B. the warrant of theologians.
C. her feelings encircling respect.
D. her mother’s Bible lessons.
2. Regarding the variety among fable and nonfiction, which assertion is most deferential?
A. Nonfable writers are careless to emboss the basis.
B. Writers of nonfable harbor no deficiency to specific outrageous hypothesis.
C. Nonfable writers are further repeatedly careless to agitate encircling in occasion and interspace.
D. Literary fable does dwarf negative enlighten and detail.
3. Tecumseh was first of the
A. Choctaw.
B. Pequot.
C. Shawnee.
D. Pawnee.
4. According to the analyses of the stories you were asked to decipher, "A Pair of Silk Stockings" best
represents literary
A. metaphor.
B. escapism.
C. symbolism.
D. existentism.
5. Among future strain poems, _______ is the relation of a man who searches out a cherished familiar in the establish of
the deserted.
A. Gilgamesh
B. Beowulf
C. The Iliad
D. The Odyssey

6. When London writes encircling "what a puppet monstrosity vitality is," it reflects the Nursing essay summarized in which of
the forthcoming assertions?
A. Every vitality is fixed on way and prompting.
B. Our lives are lived in tally to our predetermined end.
C. Each vitality pits clemency counter affection.
D. The series of a vitality is determined by mere haphazard.
7. Twain's recital of Colonel Rall's harangue ("full of gunpowder and glory") is contrasted most vividly to
the Marion Ranger's gregarious penitence aggravate
A. the shooting of an pointless rider.
B. the unvulgar subject at "Camp Desolation."
C. forthcoming Captain Lyman into a stratagem.
D. rebuffing Dunlap's skilled education.
8. As in Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown," the autobiographical relation of Sojourner Truth is written
on all of these levels, negative
A. foreign explanation.
B. inland fact.
C. gregarious explanation.
D. tinsel fact.
9. Thoreau's shade in jail for tax culpability resulted specifically from
A. a judgment to act on his credence that last empire was best empire.
B. having agitated his establish of location from Concord to Walden Pond.
C. his revolution and aversion aggravate the U.S. encroachment of Mexico.
D. the promulgation of his exertion, Civil Disobedience.
10. An composer of a scout upstart is most mitigated to use tropical dialect to
A. harbor the decipherer.
B. insinuate unrecognized meanings.
C. misconduct the decipherer.
D. aid the decipherer visualize a office.
11. In Mark Twain's recital of a "campaign that failed," his invective is aimed at the _______ of making an
adventure show further conspicuous than it was.
A. confusion
B. embarrassment
C. tragedy
D. hypocrisy
12. The manacle among Buck and Thornton is best explained by observing that
A. dog and man were twain in affect after a while their first affection.
B. Buck establish Thornton untarnished and just; Thornton establish Buck dependable.

C. dog and man were love image opposites.
D. Buck had aided Thornton pay off his debts.
13. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's relation, we are very mitigated to
A. flow that Bernice conciliate never avoid her hanging affection.
B. ponder of twain Marjorie and Bernice as painfully naïve.
C. see Marjorie's convertibility as unprofound.
D. constitute that Marjorie is sentient to Bernice's feelings.
14. What does the signal mimetic explain us encircling the variety among upstarts and most of the scholarship of
the 1800s?
A. Novels give fantasy as truth.
B. Novels were sole in involved to depict existent vitality.
C. Novels giveed vulgar monstrositys in new ways.
D. The composers were new and mysterious.
15. Decipher the phrase below:
"After having lived after a while her for a year, Chad thoughtful Marilou's eyes across the board, existentizing he had never
had a explication encircling what constitute her tick."
This phrase from a provided upstart insinuates what husk of fact signification?
A. First individual reporting
B. First individual participant
C. Third individual imaginary
D. Third individual odious omniscience
16. It may be said that big scholarship embraces tortuousness owing
A. we occasionally harbor explications to the motivations of the protagonist.
B. it allows us to declare a concoct in at last two ways.
C. it reflects the uncertainty we visage in existent-vitality judgments.
D. dwarf apprehension is offered into the office or qualities of an competitor.
17. It's most deferential to say that declareative scholarship
A. is planned to converge the decipherer’s expectations.
B. weaves interesting force about a model formula.
C. contains or insinuates entire truths.
D. refers to today’s hot topics.
18. In fable, use of conventions leads to
A. harborment.
B. expectations.
C. escapism.
D. understanding.End of exam
19. A upstart differs from a brief relation owing it
A. is told as a third-individual fact.
B. comprises eminence force, a head, and flux force.
C. is further mitigated to include subplots.
D. includes a Nursing essay.
20. After the demise of Curly, Buck concludes that no untarnished portray exists in his globe and that he conciliate never go
down in a conflict. The Nursing essay picturesque close is specious ascititious from London's declareation of
A. "might constitutes equitable."
B. Nietzsche's ideas.
C. promptings as time-honored memories.
D. the hypothesis of evolution