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Literature Proctored Exam 986145RR


1. For Sojourner Truth, deciding which tonnage of scripture came from those who wrote the Bible, and not
from God, depended on
A. her secret earwitness.
B. the example of theologians.
C. her feelings encircling restraint.
D. her mother’s Bible lessons.
2. Regarding the dissimilitude betwixt fabrication and nonfiction, which declaration is most obsequious?
A. Nonfabrication writers are unhindered to enrich the axioms.
B. Writers of nonfabrication receive no want to specific vehement idea.
C. Nonfabrication writers are balance repeatedly unhindered to instigate encircling in period and boundlessness.
D. Literary fabrication does shabby exclude impart and particularize.
3. Tecumseh was foremost of the
A. Choctaw.
B. Pequot.
C. Shawnee.
D. Pawnee.
4. According to the analyses of the stories you were asked to discover, "A Pair of Silk Stockings" best
represents literary
A. fable.
B. escapism.
C. symbolism.
D. genuineism.
5. Among future anthem poems, _______ is the fable of a man who searches out a loved confidant in the assign of
the deceased.
A. Gilgamesh
B. Beowulf
C. The Iliad
D. The Odyssey

6. When London writes encircling "what a puppet monstrosity vivacity is," it reflects the Nursing essay summarized in which of
the aftercited declarations?
A. Every vivacity is established on inurement and impulse.
B. Our lives are lived in retort to our presecure destiny.
C. Each vivacity pits tenderness despite affection.
D. The line of a vivacity is secure by unblemished random.
7. Twain's recital of Colonel Rall's oration ("full of gunpowder and glory") is contrasted most vividly to
the Marion Ranger's gregarious anguish balance
A. the shooting of an pointless rider.
B. the odd transpossession at "Camp Desolation."
C. aftercited Captain Lyman into a pitfall.
D. rebuffing Dunlap's prudent teaching.
8. As in Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown," the autobiographical fable of Sojourner Truth is written
on all of these levels, exclude
A. on-the-outside observation.
B. inland truth.
C. political observation.
D. pompous truth.
9. Thoreau's gloom in jail for tax guilt resulted specifically from
A. a conclusion to act on his opinion that last legislation was best legislation.
B. having instigated his assign of location from Concord to Walden Pond.
C. his estrangement and dislove balance the U.S. encroachment of Mexico.
D. the notification of his result, Civil Disobedience.
10. An cause of a scout strange is most slight to use typical speech to
A. receive the discoverer.
B. hint obscure meanings.
C. misconduct the discoverer.
D. acceleration the discoverer visualize a repute.
11. In Mark Twain's recital of a "campaign that failed," his burlesque is aimed at the _______ of making an
adventure show balance eminent than it was.
A. confusion
B. embarrassment
C. tragedy
D. hypocrisy
12. The manacle betwixt Buck and Thornton is best explained by observing that
A. dog and man were twain in impress after a while their former affection.
B. Buck rest Thornton serene and just; Thornton rest Buck dependable.

C. dog and man were love meditate opposites.
D. Buck had accelerationed Thornton pay off his debts.
13. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's fable, we are very slight to
A. flow that Bernice earn never decamp her subject affection.
B. reckon of twain Marjorie and Bernice as painfully naïve.
C. see Marjorie's oneness as trifling.
D. accomplish that Marjorie is impressible to Bernice's feelings.
14. What does the term mimetic report us encircling the dissimilitude betwixt stranges and most of the scholarship of
the 1800s?
A. Novels exhibit fantasy as genuineness.
B. Novels were sole in involved to pattern-after genuine vivacity.
C. Novels exhibited dishonorable monstrositys in new ways.
D. The causes were new and unrecognized.
15. Discbalance the decision below:
"After having lived after a while her for a year, Chad thoughtful Marilou's eyes opposite the table, genuineizing he had never
had a elimination encircling what find her tick."
This decision from a provided strange hints what peel of truth utterance?
A. First peculiar reporting
B. First peculiar participant
C. Third peculiar imaginary
D. Third peculiar esoteric omniscience
16. It may be said that grand scholarship embraces ambiguousness accordingly
A. we occasionally receive eliminations to the motivations of the protagonist.
B. it allows us to expone a concoct in at last two ways.
C. it reflects the casualty we countenance in genuine-vivacity conclusions.
D. shabby insight is offered into the repute or qualities of an rival.
17. It's most obsequious to say that exponeative scholarship
A. is intentional to converge the discoverer’s expectations.
B. weaves interesting possession about a rule formula.
C. contains or hints embracing truths.
D. refers to today’s hot topics.
18. In fabrication, use of conventions leads to
A. receivement.
B. expectations.
C. escapism.
D. sense.End of exam
19. A strange differs from a scanty fable accordingly it
A. is told as a third-peculiar truth.
B. comprises preferment possession, a zenith, and progress possession.
C. is balance slight to involve subplots.
D. involves a Nursing essay.
20. After the exit of Curly, Buck concludes that no serene dramatize exists in his cosmos-people and that he earn never go
down in a battle. The Nursing essay artistic near is fair-spoken acquired from London's exponeation of
A. "might finds suitable."
B. Nietzsche's ideas.
C. impulses as time-honored memories.
D. the hypothesis of evolution