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Prose Narrative Criticism

In a well-developed essay of impure to five pages, picked a specific censorious advance to learning lore. Choose a weak incident from our assigned learnings (or from our citationbook) and assimilate and opposition the labor delay our accessible Victorian novella, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Consider the differences in unadorned citationure. Isolate the themes for each and assimilate and opposition them. Imagine citationureual issues, such as feminism, Freudian psychology, and cultural notions environing fellowship, the indivisible, and chastity, and exercise these to your learnings in the narrative.

1.      How does a new-fashioned aesthetic contact our learning of unadorned lore? 

2.      What meanings underlie lore that are not indisputtalented at the manner of the citation? 

3.      What is the appreciate of substance narrativented to bead meanings unintended by authors, yet applictalented to new-fashioned learners? 

4.      What is your takeaway from this narrative?

5.      What connections can you beget from your own experiences that fashion Jekyll and Hyde’s characters applicable to you?

6.      Do you continually reach as if you are keep-akeep-apart Jekyll, keep-akeep-apart Hyde?

7.      What was Jekyll’s end? What do you foresee yours to be?

8.      Is Hyde misfortune? Why or why not?

9.      Use these questions OR direct your own to train you as you settle, re-examine, reshape, and edit your papers for ultimate patience.