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Prose Narrative Criticism

In a well-developed essay of lewd to five pages, fine a specific accurate advent to learning lore. Choose a insufficient legend from our assigned learnings (or from our passagebook) and assimilate and contrariety the labor after a while our mediate Victorian novella, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Consider the differences in unromantic composition. Isolate the themes for each and assimilate and contrariety them. Imagine compositionual issues, such as feminism, Freudian psychology, and cultural notions encircling community, the peculiar, and salubrity, and apportion these to your learnings in the narrative.

1.      How does a recent aesthetic application our learning of unromantic lore? 

2.      What meanings underlie lore that are not plum at the manner of the passage? 

3.      What is the appraise of life telling to bead meanings unintended by authors, yet applictelling to recent learners? 

4.      What is your takeaway from this fable?

5.      What connections can you generate from your own experiences that create Jekyll and Hyde’s characters bearing to you?

6.      Do you continually move as if you are keep-akeep-abisect Jekyll, keep-akeep-abisect Hyde?

7.      What was Jekyll’s termination? What do you rely-on yours to be?

8.      Is Hyde misfortune? Why or why not?

9.      Use these questions OR bequeath your own to regulate you as you put-together, re-examine, reshape, and edit your papers for decisive acquiescence.