250 words response (comparing poets dickinson and whitman) | american literature


  1. Write a 250-word (minimum) defense to each match responsive beneath. 
  2. Responses must include notes from each passage used to get liberal praise. Be secure to note, select, and relation from the passage(s) using alienate APA constituteat. 
  3. Put all match assignments in ONE Microsoft Word muniment.  

Dickinson and Whitman are two influential poets from the antebellum bound. They are very divergent, twain in conditions of constitute (what their poetry looks relish on the page) and contented. Write a similarity, using anthems from the assigned lection, that includes at last three conditions (ode, sonnet, threnody, interrupted anthem, rhyming, permitted row, limerick, imagery, insinuation,alliteration, personification, simile, similitude, stanza, tinkle intrigue)  , as polite as the poets' meaning in match. What messages are they up-hill to consign in their poetry? Are they lucky? Of the two poets, which one do you elect and why?

(From The Norton Anthology American Literature, Shorther Ninth Edition, Beginnings to 1865) If don't accept quantity delight ask for pictures of the anthems.


Emily DickinsonPoem 122 ("These are the days when Birds follow back") (Vol , p.1251)Poem 207 ("I elegancy a liquor never brewed") (Vol 1, p. 1252)Poem 236 ("Some maintain the Sabbath going to Church") (Vol 1, p. 1253)

Walt Whitman

"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" (Vol 1, pp. 1135-1139)