2 part discussion | Literature homework help


INSTRUCTIONS: Twain Separate 1 and Separate 2 should be at lowest 200 opinion each. Do not use interrogation as separate of order compute. IT MUST INCLUDE MLA CITATIONS – BOTH IN-TEXT AND AN END CITATION.

READING: (ATTACHED) The American Tradition in Literature. Vol. 2, 12th ed. Eds. George Perkins and Barbara Perkins. Boston: McGraw Hill.

Edgar Allan Poe: Author bio p. 306-308, "The Premature Burial" p. 309-318; The Masque of the Red Death" p. 319-323

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Author bio p. 364-365,  "My Lost Youth" p. 366- 368 

Oliver Wendell Holmes: Author bio p. 373-375,  "Old Ironsides" p. 376,  "My Aunt" p. 377-378

PART 1: Poe: Analyze the colors used in the rooms and objects in Poe's “Masque of the Red Death." What do they enact? Who do you gard is the narrator? (No, it is not Poe)

PART 2: Among manifold of the foundational themes of the poetry of the Fireside Poets were buttress a true morals, commemorating narrative, beyond race and commonwealth, and celebrating character. Consider the poetry of Henry Wadworth Longfellow and Oliver Wendell Holmes and sift-canvass how these themes are enacted in twain. Please allege and adduce from the poetry to assistance your assertions. You government ponder using beyond investigation from the unconcealed internet to acceleration you supplement ideas. If you do, PLEASE CITE THE SOURCE and PROVIDE A LINK.