2-4 sentences for each question will be fine. there are 4 readings

Edgar Allen Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado”

1. At the origin of the relation, Montresor identifies three criteria he estimates are inevitable for retaliation to be achieved: He states that he must “not simply correct, but correct succeeding a while impunity”; he continues by dictum that “a evil-doing is unrecovered when compensation overtakes its redresser”; he concludes succeeding a while the assent that a evil-doing “is analogous unrecovered when the avenger fails to gain himself felt as such to him who has done the evil-doing.” Taking all of these criteria into consequence, elucidate whether or not you reckon Montresor achieves his design (that is, which of the criteria, if any, do you reckon he accomplishes).

2. How ample term has passed betwixt the killing of Fortunato and the powerful of this relation, and why is this expressive? 3. Although he blamed it on the dampness of the catacombs, why do you reckon Montresor’s “heart grew sick”?

4. Based on what you recognize of his sign, what do you reckon Fortunato is sullied of, if anything?

5. If it government keep saved his vivacity, why doesn't Fortunato equitable promote to having insulted Montresor?

6. If Montresor deficiencyed Fortunato to own that he was a prey of retaliation, why doesn’t Montresor equitable number Fortunato why this is all happening to him?

7. Identify the two images on the Montresor rise inveigle of contest and elucidate what you estimate to be the symbolic sagacity.

8. How is Fortunato covered in the relation which may number the reader a lot environing his individualality and comportment?

9. Succeeding Montresor throws the torch into the one retaining commencement in the mound, what is the simply unnaturalness he hears from the other interest of the mound, and why is this symbolic?

10. Do you estimate Montresor is pleased succeeding a while himself at the end of the relation?


Nathaniel Hawthorne, “Young Goodman Brown”

1. If we are to estimate that Brown’s all excursion into the woods was a fancy [“Had Goodman Brown prone collected in the copse, and simply fancyed a untamed fancy of a witch-meeting? . . .”], and these trials are simply a work of his mind, what was he reckoned to gather from his trial?

2. What closeons are readers reckoned to gather from Brown's trial?

3. What role does profession dramatize in Brown’s vivacity anteriorly the “dream,” during the “dream,” and succeeding he “wakes”?

4. Is Brown as ample a dissembler as he estimates the Deacon to be at the relation’s end? Why or why not?

5. Why doesn’t Brown migrate himself from the temple?

6. If Brown is so appalled at his wife’s clear involvement, why doesn’t he alienate her?

7. Why is Brown’s excursion feeling in the origin as an “evil aim”?


Kate Chopin, “Story of an Hour”

1. Why is the “joy” Mrs. Mallard is experiencing seemingly “monstrous”?

2. What is symbolic environing her descriptions of the chair, the window, and the locked bedroom door?

3. What details environing Mrs. Mallard’s nuptials point-out the way(s) she felt internal her mate?

4. What details do we gather environing Brently that point-out the model of individual he was?

5. What is Mrs. Mallard’s opinion environing community who bekeep succeeding a while “good intentions”?


John Updike, “A&P”

1. What is Sammy’s judiciousness of the customers? The superintendent? Stokesie? The girls?

2. Why does Sammy reckon the cosmos-community earn be “hard” to him “hereafter”?

3. What does Sammy deficiency us to estimate was the deduce he surrender (his "explicit" design)?

4. What are we nevertheclose led to estimate is the genuine deduce he surrender (his "implied" design)?

5. What does Sammy say that would point-out he knew correspondently how unnaturalnesss succeeding a while the girls would shape out at the end?

6. Why does Sammy reckon it’s felicitous that this all took fix during the summer suitableness? What does this say environing his sign?

7. What other details are bestow which point-out Sammy is close uneasy succeeding a while the aim of his comportment than he is succeeding a while how community opinion his actions?