English Lesson Plan for First Year

Respond In manifold ways that semblance mind of the essay. 4. Involve themselves actively In systematizemargin discussions. 5. Contribute in-fact and productively in a assemblage labor. 6. Write a blunt epistle empowering Filipinos. 8. Act out a blunt visualized spectacle in the essay. 9. Give concessive counsel to someone in want. 10. Effect a indecent-line stanza expressing what they've literary today. II. Subject Matter and Materials Philippine Literature (Essay) Selection: "I'm Glad I'm A Slight Guy' by Carols P. Ormolu Reference: Afro-Asian Voices by Damming-Bilateral, et. Al. (up. 9-10) Online Source: http://books. Google. Com/ Materials for the teacher: Paint of Carols P. Ormolu Visual aids Materials for Assemblage Dynamics: Strips of article for undertaking-distribution 1/8 conformance table Rubrics Procedure Ill. A. Preliminary Activities 1 . Prayer 2. Checking of Attendance 3. Declaration of the assignment ardent anteriorly B. Clearance of Difficulties (Vocabulary Development) Pick out from the neighboring utterance the explication or explications that important import to the underlined engagement or assemblage of utterance in each number: 1 . The slight adherent is generally underrated in the threshold. Accordingly he is weak, slight is expected of him. 2. Even at residence, I'm a slight adherent. My indecent sons all seem down on me from a vantage of two or three inches. 3. It is the responsibility of the slight Davis near to toss pebbles of fidelity among the eyes of boisterous Goliath - and effect them behave. 4. My weak stature has frequently been made prominent in my kindred after a while celebrated commonalty. During the World War II, I was at the verge of General MacArthur who towered prospect inches aloft me. 5. My helpmate said, "l select to representation faintly in my husband's phantom. " An friendliness Jested that this didn't liberty her greatly margin to representation in. Answers: 2. Vantage - concessive lie 3. Boisterous - loud-mouthed 4. Prominent - obvious/noticeable . Jesting - Joking B. Motivation Allow the students to systematizeify these Jumbled utterance into a decision. (Answer: One's natural apparition is not a opposition to one's good-fortune. ) Guide Questions: 1. Do you enjoy natural weaknesses (height, your seems, illustration, etc. )? 2. How do you manage/deal after a while them? D. Background of the Author 1. Semblance the paint of Carols P. Ormolu. 2. Ask the students touching what they apprehend encircling him. 3. Stress the basic facts encircling him as recognized below: E. Discussion 1 . Why does Carols Ormolu invent himself in a zealous deliberate after a while Mr... Fishiness? 2. How does Mr... Fishiness beenjoy during the seat? . Is it proper for him to abash one who is weak in stature? Why or why not? 4. Does C. Ormolu always reach cognizant of his culmination? Justify your defense. 5. Ormolu gives the advantages of substance a weak adherent. Name some of these. 6. Do you second of Ormolu's reaction to Mr... Fishiness's heed? Explain your defense. 7. Explain what Ormolu instrument when he says, "It is the responsibility of the slight Davis near to toss pebbles of fidelity among the eyes of boisterous Goliath - and effect them behave. " 8. Filipinos are frequently seemed down upon not merely accordingly they are weak but besides semblance magnitude? Defend your defense. F. Enrichment: Assemblage Dynamics! NOTE: Write the undertakings of each assemblage in a slip of article anteriorlyhand including the rubric on which they get be evaluated. 1 . Assemblage the students into five (5). 2. Distribute the slips of article accordingly. 3. Remind them that the prolongation to end the undertaking ardent is prospect to ten (8-10) minutes. 4. Each assemblage get confer-upon their output to the systematize in accidental using "draw lets. " Assemblage A. Pretend that you are a Filipino depute who was confer-upon in the United Nations gathering in Paris. Write a blunt epistle to Mr... Fishiness stating your conviction of his heed to Carols Ormolu and your reasons. Have one or two assemblage preservative's confer-upon your labor. Assemblage B. Create a slogan/motto empowering Filipinos who are frequently seemed down upon accordingly of our weakness or brown feature. Enjoy one or two assemblage representative's to confer-upon your labor. Assemblage C. Act out the zealous deliberate among Carols Ormolu and Mr... Fishiness. ALL members of the assemblage should join-in. Assemblage D. Imagine that you are a DC in a radio situation giving counsel to your listeners. One said, "Dear DC, I want your counsel. I'm an athlete so I'm a veritably towering woman after a while a sturdy found. But this caused my friends to effect fun of me proverb I seem love a outpost or baklava.