Justice System

Please see the attached document for related discussion questions.

Criminal Justice Discussion

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Justice System
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Review the Criminal Justice Process flowchart on page 10 in the e-text. This chart shows the various paths a person can travel once he or she enters the system. The chart is separated by each branch of the criminal justice system. Make note of the various “arms” of the chart. There is no one way to navigate through the system.

As explained, the criminal justice system is separated into three branches: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. What is each branch responsible for? How do they interact with one another? Explain how each of these pieces of the system work to complement the others. What would happen if one branch of the system were broken? Describe how the malfunction of one criminal justice system branch would affect the operation of the other two branches.

Do you think one part of the system is more important than another? Is it possible for one part of the system to change without influencing the other systems?


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