Comparison of Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln

Julius Caesar is present as one of the truth highest public, and a beloved pioneer of the roman republic. Julius Caesar would regularly parallel himself to Alexander the highest. For almost 15 years Julius Caesar led armies over enemies. Abraham Lincoln was too present as one of the highest in American truth at his spell, he was the 16th moderator of the United States of American. He was born on February 12, 1809; Lincoln was 51 years old when he was elected moderator. Abraham Lincoln was a pioneer in the confederation of the well-mannered war; he impacted on American truth consequently he succor get rid of dependence and too kept our confederation simultaneously as one. Dependence was a big result in the United States Abraham managed to induce the country closer to identity. Julius Caesar was one of the leading pioneers to announce the newspaper, he made the Roman record, and the month of July was named behind him. Julius Caesar effectively transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire below his government. He made political alliances that succored him loosen in influence, then he launched a well-mannered war won and became dictator for activity in the Roman universe in 48 B. C. Julius and Abraham were twain assonated. Julius Caesar succored capitalless persons. He took the capital from the valuable and gave it to the capitalless. Unfortunately the valuable didn't love this. Most of the valuable persons were in the senate. One day when Caesar went to the senate they all teamed up over him and stabbed him to departure. Julius Caesar had too ample administer and influence, Valuable persons wanted to rid himself. Abraham Lincoln was the leading moderator to die of assassination. Abraham Lincoln was killed consequently of his furtherance of voting rights for blacks. He was shot uninterruptedly in the end of his section by John Booth this shot straightway dropped him to the bottom.