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The analytical view of Army Profession and Ethic

Being a professional member of the army means a total commitment to the service of the national desires and the embodiment of the warrior ethos. The army is entitled to upholding ethical virtues, just like any other civil service profession. Human societies ranging from clans, tribes, states, empires, and organized regions to religions tend to fight for several reasons such as their love for a fight, love for their countries, and civic duties. Military and army are categorized as national servants that uphold and maintain peace and order across nations while upholding the virtue of ethics. The foundation of the army profession is centered on trust and accountability. The accountability and integrity of the army professionals are centered on the leadership virtues depicted by the leaders and mentors, and such values are non-negotiable.

The army serves the state and its people indiscriminately. The primary duty of the profession of arms is to provide an armed defense of society by serving its population and vital interests entirely. To define the mission of the armed forces, we can argue that it refers to the preparation for or conduct of the war by securing the victory of the military to resolve peace politically. For quite some time, there has been an omission of essential value in our doctrine, namely army ethic. The doctrine of the arms lacks an accessible, articulated, and understandable expression of the army ethic, and it emanates from the foundational beliefs, heritage, culture, and traditions. However, in the profession of arms, the officers are guided by informal rules and policies of ethicality through which they carry out their daily duties and objectives, serving the community wholly without discrimination. The availability of the informal virtue of ethics in the army profession incorporates the inclusion of ethical and moral reasoning that informs value-based decisions and actions of the army under mission command. As well, ethic in the army profession coordinates the working culture of the professionals by guiding their activities and enhancing service to all people. Shared identity by upholding ethical standards improves the trustworthy and responsibility of the army professionals.

Army ethic is imperative in many other ways to citizens and public servants through creating army-civilian decisions that are informed and conform to a set of ethical standards in public service. Mission accomplishment in war and conflicts can be based on professional ethics on how activities and policies are coordinated in arms perspective. Security at the cross-border and nationally is successfully influenced by ethics and values of army professionalism. A good example was during WWII when General George C. Marshall requested S.L.A. General Marshall to draft The Armed Forces Officer; he believed that army services needed to base the professional commitment on the common moral-ethical grounds. The implication of the ethical standards of the army profession in the war was to provide guidance on standards and duty for the military. In this regard, the roles of the army, which include protecting borders and serving the public through combat and war, require loyalty to fellow members of the army. Trustworthy and ethics are essential values and elements of the profession of arms.


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