interests you and that you are familiar with. In addition, please make an effort to choose a family from a cultural, social, or ethnic background that is different from your own. The more different the family is from your own family (ethnicity, language, religion, etc.), the more benefit you will receive from this project. Be sure to pick a family that has at least one child.

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Here are sample families you may remember from television shows.

  • The Conner family (Roseanne)
  • The Camden family (7th Heaven)
  • The Simpson family (The Simpsons)
  • The Brady family (The Brady Bunch)
  • The Lopez family (George Lopez)
  • The Tanner family (Full House)
  • The Payne family (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne)
  • The Loud family (The Loud House)
  • The Huxtable family (The Cosby Show)
  • The Pritchett family (Modern Family)
  • The Hart family (Reba)
  • The Foster family (The Fosters)
  • The Proud family (The Proud Family)
  • The Griffin family (Family Guy)
  • The Huang family (Fresh Off the Boat)

Download and open the Family Profile Worksheet provided below:

Once you have decided which family will be the focus of your project, complete the Family Profile Worksheet with their information. This basic information will be crucial for developing your Family Resource Packet throughout the project.

The family you choose to study in this submission will be the subject you use for all remaining Course Project Assignments in the course.

Parent Education and Support

Module 02 Course Project Worksheet

Family Profile

Your Name:

Please complete the information on your selected family below. (Spaces expand as you type.)

Name of Your Chosen Family:

Brief reason why you are choosing this family to study:

Names of family members, role and position in family, and approximate ages for this study:


Role/Position in Family

Age-Level (child, teen, or adult)

Marital Status of adults:

Jobs/careers/activities of adult members:

Ethnicity or ethnicities of family members:

Social-Economic description of family:

Where this family lives (neighborhood, town, city, or state):

Religion (if known):

Other important information about this family (interests, struggles, etc.):

Needs, Wants, and Strengths of the Family

Complete the following chart as it applies to your chosen family. Pretend that you have already met the family and conducted a needs assessment. What are your findings about this family’s needs, wants and strengths? Please list at least four needs, wants, and strengths.


Why is this a need for this family?






Why is this a want for this family?





Family Strengths

Why is this a strength for this family?





Page 2 Confidential & Proprietary

Rasmussen, 2009


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