Introduction to Hospitality Unit VIII

Essay minimum 3 pages 


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Introduction to Hospitality Unit VIII
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Unit VIII Research Paper

We have discussed various types of venues within the hospitality industry. Please choose one of the venues that is of the most interest to you and write a research paper of no less than three pages, not including the title page and references, covering the following topics:


how technology is utilized in the venue,

· career opportunities within the venue,

· marketing strategies within the venue,

· how positive and poor customer service can affect consumer behavior within the venue,

· the importance of competent communication and decision making in the venue, and

· how the concept of control is used in the venue.

Please be certain that all references, including your textbook, are cited properly using APA format.

Course Textbook(s)
Walker, J. R. (2013). Introduction to hospitality management (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.


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