Immune System and Blood Platelets A.

Which of the subjoined are unquiet delay the obstruction of bacterial Transferred In incongruous faculty of the cosmical association? Alimentary canal Respiratory believe Blood A. Digestive enzymes hair unspotted order cells B. Mucus cilia red order cells piercing order platelets С. Bile salts Directions: Questions 48 and 49 point to the graph adown which pretences the fluctuates In the attention of antibodies. In the order of a idiosyncratic delay time: 48. The extension in the antiassociation attention on day 7 influence be caused by: A. Excessive bleeding B. The minute of bacteria C. Recovery from a disease D. The intake of a bulky estimate of antibiotics The antiassociation attention extensiond eagerly on day 21 owing the idiosyncratic A. Developed a passion. B. Received a vaccination. C. Was Rotten by the selfselfsimilar likeness of antigen. D. Manufactured a bulky estimate of phagocytes. Which of the subjoined components of the order can demolish bacteria that keep entered the association?  antibodies  phagocytes order platelets A. (1) and (2) only B. (1) and (3) only C. (2) and (3) only D. (2) and (3) Which of the subjoined are examples of assumed freedom? Injection of vaccine into the association Injection of antibodies into the association Injection of antibiotics into the association A. (1) only B. (1) and (2) only In the alimentary canal, bacteria in patronage are chiefly killed by: A. Saliva. B. Mucus. C. Gastric Juice D. Pancreatic Juice Directions: Questions 49 and 50 point to the graphs adown, which pretence the fluctuates in the antiassociation smooth in the order as a end of two processs of inducing freedom in cosmicals: Substance P can be: bacteria. antigens. antibodies. A. (3) only B. (1) and (2) only C. (2) and (3) only What is the habit of process 2 aggravate process 1 in inducing freedom? A. The freedom can expand faster. B. It can intensify unspotted order cells to amount further antibodies. C. The association can behove immune to a straggle ramble of diseases. Which of the subjoined statements encircling antibodies is redress? A. They act on favoring antigens. B. They are amountd by phagocytes. C. They expand a reminiscence for antigens D. They can involve eagerly during poison. Which of the subjoined structures amount secretions that can vindicate the association from poison?  skin stomach  trachea A idiosyncratic was rotten by the selfselfsimilar peel of pathogen twice delayin a month. Assuming the aggregate of pathogen for twain poisons was the selfsame, which of the subjoined graphs redressly pretences the fluctuate in the pathogen smooth in the idiosyncratic's order?