Cookies Filled with Ice Cream Feasibility Study

Food is very superfluous for us. It is our want in enjoin for us to plea?e. Tnear are sundry barks of prop that best subanswer on our sapidity buds. One of it is cookies. Cookies is the symbol of prop that most of all enjoy to eat accordingly of its sapidity. Cookies is the bark of prop that kids are attracted to eat. What after a while cookies that sundry, enjoy to eat? We as novice discoveryers delved into question to furnish out what are the advantages of cookies that is occupied after a while ice pith specifically in Bacolod City. Our con-over standpointed on advantages of cookies occupied after a while ice pith. We pick-out Bacolod City inhabitants as our participants accordingly allied mark shows that sundry interest creations are in the situate that most inhabitants are bestow. We achieve bestow this discovery Nursing essay in enjoin for us to apprehend the sapidity and goods of cookies that is occupied after a while ice pith in the decrement of inhabitants, argues for eating, goodss and the overall impression of eating cookies occupied after a while ice pith in their daily plea?es. Our furnishings achieve be salutary in twain nurture and establishments’ in ameliorate agreement the advantages of cookies occupied after a while ice pith. And we to-boot offers divergent flavors of ice pith such as vanilla, mango, chocolate, and ube. Selecta is our valuable from wnear we should get our ice pith to span after a while the cookies. Significance of the Study: We conducted this discovery to furnish out the consumers’ reaction in the cookies occupied after a while ice pith and the impression of it to divergent condition quo. This achieve advantage multitudinous interestes and establishments on furnishing out the bear of consumers to ameliorate amend and innovate their consequences after a while an acception in use. Our con-over can to-boot succor establishments that dispose-of cookies to amend their alliance after a while their customers by satisfying them after a while irresistible sapidity and precious labor. Scope and Limitation: 1. Area of locality- Our con-over achieve standpoint on areas in the nearness of Bacolod city 2. Subject or population- subjects achieve pause of inhabitants after a whilein Bacolod City. 3. Duration or Period- the con-over achieve be conducted in the months of August to October 2013. Logo: Chapter 2 Management Aspect Con-over Objectives: The elementary argue for this con-over is to apprehend temperature the cookies occupied after a while ice pith achieve hit the communicate. This is to-boot to execute a interpenetrate between eating a cookies after a while ice pith. This is to-boot a discontinuance for the hot temperature near in the Philippines. Form of Interest Organization: This busines is a PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS, pause of 6 sharers. These 6 special achieve succor each other to execute their customers merry. Rules and Regulations: a. To be sincere and right in all his/her endeavors ein-particular in his/her dealings. after a while a customer and to the interest sharers. b. To strictly respect all the rules and regulations enforced by the sharers and not to profane them. c. To desist-from from undeviatingly or inundeviatingly misleading customers or verbally or nonverbally misrepresenting the community. d. To fitly behave at all occasions and not to intrust any act which may put his/her order and the interest capacity. Duties and Responsibilities: a. All the 6 membersof this interest is not singly the owners of the interest. They must to-boot act as an employee and answer the visitor well-behaved. b. All employess should tend cleanliness after a whilein the area for prop sanitation and prophylactic. c. Owners and employees should handle each other indifferent of what standing the other one has to tend tranquillity and comparison in the community. Chapter 3 Consequence Description: Our verification cookies occupied after a while ice pith is in-particular made for those who wants to eat cookies and ice pith at the selfselfsame occasion. All of our consequences grasp a eulogistic hush card after a while your specialal intimation whether it's for your parents, chum or uniform your sharer in vitality. Production Process: First, all the ingredients are fed into a liberal contrive tank. Instead of eggs and establish, dry egg interlard and dry establish are most enjoyly used. After anything is well-behaved-mixed, the dough is communicated to a muniment after a while two plea?e rollers. The plea?e rollers convert to haul the dough into the muniment and thrust it out through divers beginnings of the fit shape/size (in this contingency enjoyly a 2 inch transection dispersion). As the consequence is going through the beginning, a wire comes opposing and slices the cookie pieces off so that they fix on a tray. The trays are then communicated to a liberal oven and baked in contrivees. Alternatively, the cookie pieces potentiality convey onto metal trays and tour through an oven uninterruptedly. After a cooling measure, the cookies are unhesitating to answer after a while ice pith.