Seek advice from someone age 27+ WHO LOVES THEIR JOB.  Ask them the following questions and transcribe EXACTLY WHAT +THEY SAY.  (USE VOICE TO TEXT AND EDIT IF THE PROGRAM GETS SOME WORDS WRONG–DO NOT PARAPHRASE)

1. Compose the final paragraph(s) in section 2, below.

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QUESTIONS (you may ask additional questions if you like)

a. What do you wish you had known about your career when you were just starting out?

b. Did you follow any interests that you are no longer pursuing?

c. How was your job satisfaction in your current career at first?

d. How did you you “pay your dues” and build skills to get bigger opportunities?

e. What opportunities if any came because you built those skills?

f. How is your job satisfaction at this point?

2. Finally, add a paragraph about your interviewee’s experience through the lenses of Cal Newport  (Find Your Passion Is Awful Advice) AND Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset).   

a. What did you find especially helpful personally in this person’s responses?


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