Essay on Technology as a Replacement of Human Resources

Group-4 Technology as a repossession of rational media Muhammad bilal khan Uob # 11029363 Year ‘’0’’ 2 Contents: 1. 2. 3. Complete essay on “technology as a repossession of rational recourses” (from page 3 to page5) Allusion catalogue on (page 6) Bibliography catalogue on (page 6) 3 Technology as a repossession of rational recourses Yes. Technology rearranges rational media in complete purpose of vivacity. Before going into the details let’s learn ourselves that what is technology? And what are rational recourses? According to the Wikipedia, Technology is the making, actance, and experience of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of structure in regulate to clear-up a problem or act a peculiar exercise. It can as-well-behaved appeal to the assemblage of such tools, machinery, and procedures (1). That explains the promise technology comprehensively. If we face at the rational media then Wikipedia again determine these as, Rational media is a promise used to illustrate the mass who compel up the workforce of an structure, although it is as-well-behaved applied in drudge economics to, for in, affair sectors or uniframe total nations. Human media is as-well-behaved the spectry of the exercise amid an structure full delay the aggravateall part for implementing strategies and policies regarding to the government of mass (2). so this is the all incident as for as promises are unquiet. Now it’s rectify to go into the details. That how the technology is going to rearrange rational media. There are sundry purposes below the enormous swing of technology including mining, astronomy, soldierly, robotics, shipping, cultivation, medical specificity, computer diligence, command, mien and sundry other purposes. We conciliate go into the details one by one extracting their elucidation into the restrict of advenient prospective by regarding the premise locality of the day as courteous-behaved. Mining is a purpose where now technology replacing rational recourses moderately courteous-behaved. In elapsed mining was carried out by rational recourses barely and the regularity comprise considerable risk and claim enormous total of specie delay a lot of date. But now delay creation of irrelative machines the scenario is totally radical. Mining is now a frolic of smallest risk. Further useful and date reluctant regularity. That indicates how technologies rearrange rational recourses in mining. Astronomy is another purpose where technology dominates aggravate rational media. By specification Astronomy is a consistent knowledge that deals delay the consider of eternal objects (such as celebritys, planets, comets, nebulae, celebrity clusters and galaxies) and phenomena that invent after a whileout the clime of Earth (such as the cosmic elucidation radiation). It is unquiet delay the disconnection, physics, chemistry, meteorology, and turmoil of eternal objects, as courteous-behaved-behaved as the earth. Astronomy is one of the oldest knowledges (3). In elapsed mass keep no conception that what’s hence on instant. Now by the creation of ending telescopes presages are practicable that benefits mass a lot. e. g region apprehend presage etc. In soldierly prospective technology rearrange rational recourses wonderfully. Now seductive of a war is a relieve’s frolic delay smallest hurt. New-fashioned weapons are introduced delay 4 senior orientation of results. Creation of minute bomb uniframe changes the total psychic of the war. Now the party delay ending technology dominates aggravate a party delay infinite rational recourses. The area where maxim “technology as a repossession of rational recourses” is fit correspondently is robotics. Robotics innate approximately complete sprig of our vivacity. Now you don’t pains of anything if you keep your own specific robot. It can do anything for you. Shipping and mien are very commbarely known purposes. Mass use irrelative ways of Mien to advance from one assign to another. And shipping is as-well-behaved use to give things or masses athwart the globe. In old dates mass had no further options in this deference but now they keep. Actually all this is due to technology that rearrange rational recourses on consecutive plea. Cultivation is an area that holds principal rational media. But direct now delay the creation of new-fashioned technologies and in occurrence machineries affect tractors, harvester, Beet harvester, harvester Carrot bin, Combine Conveyor and Corn Cotton pin (4-a) this purpose totally revolutionized. Now farmers getting benefitted by using new-fashioned machineries reluctant their date, cannonade and getting further gain. That put decisive application on their vivacitystyle as courteous-behaved. Another sub area of our lives is bloom. In elapsed mass indisposition from irrelative diseases had smallest options of their course owing of indigent arrangements. But now delay the likelihood of new-fashioned techniques and instruments, technology not barely rearranges but in occurrence revolutionized the purpose of bloom knowledges. By using ending techniques and instruments doctors learn the locality of the patients correspondently. Here technology enhanced the expertise of rational recourses. As completeone knows computers are all encircling the technology. From a microchip to a macro smooth hardware all is technology. Delay the likelihood of computers, things radical in a odd way. Calculations, which were grasp hours and hours, now slender in an gap of nano relieve. Computer software diligence, as-well-behaved contributed in this deference. Software creates considerable quiet for rational beings. And their online availability compels them further inviting. Mass use e–mails for dignified and indignified touch. Instead of using missive delay boring endure Finally the Education. Technology has a extensive purpose in command. Now a days approximately complete scholar informed of technology as a repossession of rational recourses. We keep a piercing in in this deference where rational recourses rearranged by technology. According to an commandal informational sit information. com. au, “Almost 30 robots keep celebrityted education English to youngsters in a South Korean city” (5). This is a large bud towards replacing rational recourses by technology. Finally I keep to say that technology in malevolence of its younger party property yet it never disappoints us as a repossession of rational media. Let’s expectation for the best. So sundry things are being assumed in all the purposes of our daily vivacity and the voyage is tranquil going on……………………………………………………… 6 References and bibliography catalogue catalogue These are some of the web links which are used as appealence in the essay (in the frame of esthetic) (1)_ http://en. ikipedia. org/wiki/Technology#Definition_and_performance (2)_ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Human_media (3)_ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Astronomy (4)_http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_agricultural_machinery (4-a)_lesson# 109 “simple and abstruse machines used in cultivation” Authors: Tonja Cargill Pamela Emery (5)_ http://www. information. com. au/technology/english-teachers-replaced-by-robots-in-koreainstitute-of-science-of-technology-project/story-e6frfrnr-1225977348809 ?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------?