Human Nature

Ryan GoldrickMs. Willis/Period 7 September 21,2009Human Structure Essay Rational Structure In the Anthology the makers wrote about manifold incongruous manifold-sided characters. These characters semblanceed numerous illustrations of rational structure. In my idea, three of the best stories in the Anthology that had illustrations of rational structure are How it Feels to be Colored Me, by Zora Hurston, The Necklace, by Guy de Maupassant, and The Rose that Grew from Concrete, by Tupac Shakur. These stories semblance how rationals possess incongruous individualitys. These individualitys are enjoyment, pharisaism, and the scarcity to possess further than what they possess. Zora Hurston, in How it Feels to be Colored Me semblances how rationals can be very-much prejudiced. “Someone is regularly at my knee reminding me that I am the granddaughter of slaves. ” This cite semblances that rationals are prejudiced owing she is prime on barely owing she is ebon and influence in a pure neighborhood. This cite is to-boot proverb that when forforever Zora is tenderness good-tempered-tempered about herself there accomplish regularly be someone to put her end down. In my idea species prejudiced is a indirect individuality of a rational’s structure. In The Necklace, Guy de Maupassant describes how rationals regularly lack further then they scarcity or can possess. “She had no dresses, no jewelry, dot. And she cherished dot else; she felt herself made for that barely. ” In the anterior cite she is obsessed delay items that she can not confer to possess. This semblances that no subject how manifold accessories a rational has there accomplish regularly be triton else that they lack. In The Rose That Grew from Concrete, Tupac Shakur uses images as an illustration of how rationals can be jealous and fast. “Did you give-ear about the rose that grew from a splinter in the firm? Proving structure’s laws injustice it versed 2 stalk delayout having feet. ” In that cite the maker uses a image to semblance how rationals are fast to underendure further. This cite is enjoyment owing it seems unuscogent for a rose to stalk, yet the rose calm?} strived to underendure how to stalk and achieved its motive. Without etermination to underendure and design new things rationals would not be where they are today. To sum it up, the stories that we possess discover and discussed, How it Feels to be Colored Me, The Necklace, and The Rose that Grew from Concrete, orthodox a miscellany of incongruous individualitys that are deal-out of rational structure. Three of the main individualitys of a rational’s structure contained delayin the discoverings I chose are pharisaism, enjoyment, and the scarcity to possess further than they are cogent to possess. All in All, these individualitys possess an gross goods on where we endure today as rationals.