HR (POP U_4)


I have a written assignment due. I will attach the requirements needed to complete this assignment. Please be advised that there is a 300 word minimum for this assignment. Must use required reading for in text-citations. Must use APA formatting.

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HR (POP U_4)
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Note: Only up to 20% of content in the written assignment can be quotes from third parties. 

Assignment Details:

The human resource employee benefits and compensation programs are built upon the in-depth evaluation of each position and the determination of its value within the construct of the organization. Job analysis is a critical component in this process. Another major part is market pricing, which assumes that the pay set by the employers is an accurate reflection of a job’s worth. Both parts are important to ensuring that equity in pay and compensation exists. In the event that equity and fairness are not always met for compensation and benefits, this could lead to employee dissatisfaction and retention problems. It is therefore incumbent upon the organization to correct any inequities.

This discussion has three parts, as follows:

1. From your perspective, what type of compensation is a greater motivator for you, and why? Ensure that your discussion provides substantial detail.

2. Think about the pros and cons associated with the concept of market pricing. What have your personal experiences been in relation to fairness and equity of your own compensation where you have worked? Use your experience to provide examples of pros and cons. Use 4 examples in your response.

3. Discuss how a compensation method can be used to assist with employee retention. Consider 4 different ways in your discussion and from your personal experiences in which you were personally impacted by the examples you have provided. 

Deliverable Length:   300 words (minimum)


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