HR (POP U_3)


I have a written assignment due. I will attach the requirements needed to complete this assignment. Please be advised that there is a 300 word minimum for this assignment. Must use required reading for in text-citations. Must use APA formatting.

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HR (POP U_3)
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Note: Only up to 20% of content in the written assignment can be quotes from third parties. 

Assignment Details:

Employee motivation is critical to an organization because studies have indicated that there is a direct correlation between employee motivation and productivity.

Some of the most well-known motivational theories include the following:

· Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory

· Douglas McGregor’s theory X and theory Y

· Frederick Herzberg’s two-factor theory

· Equity theory

This discussion has three parts, as follows:


Provide an example of how 1 of the 4 motivational theories is used in a real-life situation. Discuss the pros and cons of using this particular motivational theory. Your reply should be detailed and provide the main elements of the theory that you choose.

2. Discuss the different types of organizational performance measurements. As a part of your response, think about what makes you (or would make you) the most satisfied as an employee. Your reply should also include employee-related performance measurements.

3. In your own opinion, what do you think are the best ways in which a company can motivate its employees? You should provide a minimum of 2 examples in your response.

Deliverable Length:   300 words (minimum)


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