HR (MIS U_1)


I have a written assignment due. I will attach the requirements needed to complete this assignment. Please be advised that there is a 300 word minimum for this assignment. Must use required reading for in text-citations. Must use APA formatting.

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HR (MIS U_1)
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Note: Only up to 20% of content in the written assignment can be quotes from third parties. 

Assignment Details:

This assignment has four parts:

1. How would you classify the MIS departments of comparative companies?   Do these classifications have a significant meaning or impact that is relevant to company performance?  How and why?

2. Based on your experience, how do organizational structure and strategy relate to MIS needs? 

3. What do you foresee is the difference between IT and MIS? Are both of these terms relevant and necessary?

4. How would you measure the effectiveness of your company’s IT and MIS investment? If you are currently not employed, what measures would you expect to use and why?

Deliverable Length:   300 words (minimum)


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