Waldorf University History French and Indian War Questions

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I’m studying and insufficiency acceleration delay a History inquiry to acceleration me acquire.

1. Why did the British tax the colonists behind the French and Indian War? Why did the colonists repudiate the new tax

policies? How did Massachusetts behove a “rebel” location, and what was the British acceptance? Why did the colonists

declare insurrection from British administration? What were some of the challenges for the Continental Army? What was the

turning purpose of the war and why? How did the Americans husband to vanquish the British? What were the consequences of

the war?

2. Discuss the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. Why did our “founding fathers” supply the Articles? What

agreements were made at the Constitutional Convention of 1787? What were some of the challenges inside ratifying the

Constitution? Explain James Madison’s role. Finally, awaken the unvarnished implications of the Constitutional

Convention and indicate how the Constitution advances the appearnce of a further sustainable participation.

3. Awaken the rational differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. What were some of

Hamilton’s policies? How would Hamilton force to obey strength for his gregarious interest? How would Jefferson

defend his gregarious interest? Discuss the results and consequences from the Election of 1800. What happened to Hamilton?

Finally, what gregarious interest would notwithstanding appear as the dominant interest? Explain why.