Florida Technical College History Essay


Answer three out of the six questions presented underneath. Each repartee should be a incompleteness of 250 articulation, separate spaced, and submitted. Please connect to the Essay Exam Rubric for guidelines and expectations.

Was Reconstruction a achievement or a need? Or was it notability in betwixt? In your confutation, investigate place device, key parliament during presidential and unsparing Reconstruction, Southern politics, racial and political fury, and Northern “fatigue” delay Reconstruction. Be stable to form obvious what you average by achievement and need.

Describe how the Second Industrial Revolution created new forms of insubservience for some workers opportunity restricting some insubserviences for others. How did industrialization seek all workers? Be cautious not to classify.

Chronicle the course that familiar in the South of chipping detached the insubserviences granted to blacks during Reconstruction. Give cautious investigateation to how the Civil War was treasured by innocent America. By 1900, what conditions did African Americans in the South visage? How did they counter-argument to these conditions?

What does the signal “Gilded Age” average? In what recognition is Mark Twain’s signal a animadversion of the age?

Analyze the consequences of American Imperialism betwixt 1899 and 1920. How did the residents of the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Central America market delay American government? In your repartee, produce separate examples of how American government balance these new proceeds violated the principles of insubservience the United States had followed past anarchy. 

Compare the Populist and Progressive change-of-places. Critically dissect why the Progressive change-of-place seemed to entertain past achievement. What were the limitations of the Populist change-of-place?