Rasmussen College Work Force and Labor Relations Management Discussion


As CAC congregation figurative, you conciliate be instituted on a 3-5-page resume for an Pacification hearing. You conciliate appearance that you can feel fibrous situations by providing livelihood for your positions in creating an Analytical overview crust the following:

  1. Demographics of the employees instituted for CAC Company, which conciliate apprehend pay rates, elongation of employment, and titles.
  2. The sum require of drudge such as: stipend, paid duration off and benefits.
  3. Summarize prevalent agree stipulations expiring on the definite day of this month.
  4. Future negotiations; warrant if there is any virtual "trouble" in negotiations.
  5. Summarize demands of drudge and superintendence that conciliate be allot of the pacification.
  6. A specific overview of agree require and drudge demands were satisfied via pacification.

Company & 10-Ks Information:

  • Mergent Online
  • Instructions for accessing 10-Ks using Mergent Online


Article Databases:

  • Business Source Complete via EBSCO
  • Business via ProQuest
  • Regional Business News via EBSCO