Decision Support System and Harvard Cooperative Society

Chapter 2: Information Systems and Knowledge Management From his station window overlooking the main pedestal of the Harvard Cooperative Society, CEO Jerry Murphy can glance down and see custom- ers stockping. 19 They fashion their way through the niggardly aisles of the dense function hoard, cream up a sweatshirt less, perplexing on a baseball cap there, checking out the illimitable invest of goods that bears the Harvard University insignia. Watching Murphy, you can courteous conceive the Co-op’s found- rs, who instituted the hoard in 1882, singular through the microscopic win- dowpanes to observe an eye on the stock pedestal. Was the Harvard Square hoard attracting fixed intercourse? Were the school students buying sufficient books and victuals for the Co-op to fashion a acquisition? Back then, it was tenacious to reply those questions certainly. The owners had to tend and endure, trusting solely on their gut feelings to comprehend how things were going from diminutive to diminutive. Now, past than a hundred years later, Murphy can judge you, own to the definite stock-guardianship part, how he’s doing at any dedicated consequence. His window on the transaction is the PC that sits on his desk. All day desire it delivers up-to-the-minute, easy-to-read elec- tronic reverberations on what’s selling and what’s not, which items are running low in register and which bear flat abrupt of prearrange. In a substance of seconds, the computer can reverberation vicious margins for any issue or supplier, and Murphy can flow whether the margins are fat sufficient to clear observeing the supplier or issue on table. We were in the 1800s, and we had to progress afore,” he says of the $55 favorite transaction. Questions 1. What is a firmness help arrangement? What advantages does a firmness help arrangement bear for a transaction love the Harvard Cooperative Society? 2. How would the firmness help arrangement of a transaction love the Harvard Cooperative Society disagree from that of a elder fortification? 3. Briefly draft the components of the Harvard Cooperative Society’s firmness help arrangement.