Grad Admission Essay

First, there is a huge disbalance between primary care and specialty care in the United States and there are many factors involves in making these decisions. For example, there are external factors such as the tuition cost in the medical field continue increasing has shift students demand towards specialty care. Even thought, specialize care requires students more year’s in school or doing thier residency, but students would rather sacrifice one or two years in medical school to have higher rewards in the future. For example, one of my close friends is in the dental school, but he is already thinking on specialize as surgeon. One of the many reasons he will earn more money in the long term and will pay thier students’ debt in short period of time this is a huge incentive for him to make this decision. The second factors that influence these disbalance in the medical field are large hospital are encouraging students’ decisions while there are doing their residency (KMUW). Hospital has state of art equipment to treat new disease or illness in a more effective way. Therefore, students recognize they can perform their duties in a short period of time and have more time for themselves. Plus, hospitals received a huge amount of subsides taxpayer for their residency program and there is not requirement on how they invest this money. Nevertheless, these new generation of doctors has growth around technology and can easily get adopted in new trend in the medical field to combat new disease in more effective matter. Next how can the United Sates will fix this disbalance between primary care and specialty care. First, students that are looking to become specialty care instead of primary care should require to do primary care for a least 7 years before becoming specialty care. Becosue primary care takes care of a person as whole not only and specify part of a person body. Even thought, technology is good in the medical field but seem that these new medical students are reacting to incentives rather what is good for society as whole and there is a need for primary care. Secondly, “Medicare pays primely by number of procedures and secondly by number of patience ()”. Policymakers need to change their current plans by implementing new laws. For example, whether the patient need surgery, they must have a third advices from a third-party doctor before they have surgery and must be recommend from their primary doctor. Because, patients they want an easy fix to thier health problems and often time they go directly to the specialize care without consulting their primary care. In order to avoid these shortages on primary care. Medicare and private insurance should shift a high portion of the surgery cost to the patient’s this way the demand for primary care will increase. Because the unnecessary surgery will force specialize care to reduce their price and lower their pay and probably medical students will think twice before they decide to peruse this career as specialty care.

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Grad Admission Essay
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