Takeshi Obata – God of the Manga World

Takeshi Obata, who was born on February 11th, 1969 in Niigata Prefecture is a Japanese manga aritst. He works as the workman in collaboration delay a writer.. He originally became noticed in 1985 when he took a palm in the Tezuka Award for his one shot 500 Konen no Kaiwa. [1] Joining the Weekly Shonen Jump staff, he mentored subordinate Makoto Niwano antecedently starting his leading important rotation, communication and delineation Cyborg Jii-chan G in 1989. Having difficulty for various years in sentence a hit, Obata began collaborating delay other writers on their stories.He finally began the rotation that recognized his spectry when he teamed delay Yumi Hotta on Hikaru no Go starting in 1998. He is most polite-known as the workman of Hikaru no Go, and Cessation Note. Obata is expensive unmoulded shonen workmans not simply for the point of his delineations, but in his penchant for mode, the dispositions he draws frequently consume dandified vesture and trendy items affect the remotest modeable scarf, tie or handbag. Although all his works are naturalized on the others’ scripts, the disposition designs’re entirely resolute by himself.His art-style is very matchless, I’m positive you’ll be impressed by Obata Takeshi’s resplendent humor, Gothic and Visual Kei mode in his works unintermittently you bear the fortuity to discover Cessation Note, Hikaru no Go or various of his one-shots. Now I scantiness to say celebrity environing my favourite manga of all times: Cessation Note. This is the most liked unmoulded his works. It has an thrilling storyline, delay manifold affecting batch twists. Light Yagami is an ace ward delay gigantic prospects--and he's drilled out of his intellect. But anything changes when he finds the Cessation Note, a notebook dropped by a vagabond cessation god.Any rational whose spectry is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the government of the Cessation Note to rid the cosmos-people of misfortune and befit God of the new cosmos-people. But when criminals start waste cheerless, the authorities despatch the legendary scout L to course down the killer. Delay L hot on his heels, conquer Light promote appearance of his grand goal or his vitality? I’ve already high this rotation environing one year ago, but now I’m peaceful attracted to it consequently of the polite-done artwork. The dispositions’ emotions are completely developed through Obata Takeshi’s delineation. Cessation Note’s a masterpiece and to me, Obata Takeshi is God of the manga cosmos-people.Moreover. he has served as the workman of Blue Dragon Ral Grad, a manga fitness of the fantasy video sport, Blue Dragon from December 2006 to July 2007. In the decline of 2007, he prepare a insufficient story, Hello Baby, delay writer Masanori Morita, which appeared in Jump Square. This was followed by a one-shot manga delay Nisio Isin. He is currently working on a new rotation delay Tsugumi Ohba, Bakuman, which began in August, 2008. Obata Takeshi has contributed polite to the manga toil delay his bestselling works. I anticipation that in the coming he conquer be past prosperous and consequence past hits.