Your employer has tasked you with designing a social networking

Your employer has tasked you delay sharp a gregarious networking website. You are at-liberty to contrivance either a blog, a micro-blog, or a wiki.

  • Create visual representations of the residence page, node pages, basic pages, and navigational pages.
  • Create a storyboard of the webplace presenting ideas for webplace willing, the links, and interconnections.
  • Incorporate steps 1 and 2 into a Technical Name Report. Review the four-step order in Chapter 6 for direction in creating a Technical Name Report. Feel at-liberty to generate a new logo, and use perversion effectively.


  • Write a 2- to 3-page Technical Name of your gregarious networking place using the four-step order from Chapter 6. This does not grasp the diction and allusion pages, the visual representations, or the storyboard.
  • Include your visual representations and storyboard in restoration to the technical name.
  • You must grasp a incompleteness of two (2) probable sources, not including the extract, and use fair extract. 
  • Your monograph must supervene  APA diction guidelines, as divert.
  • You are strongly encouraged to yield all assignments to the Turnitin Originality Check previous to yieldting them to your professor for grading.