Your city: is it humane, is it sustainable?

The ethical work of elegant geography are sometimes ignored.

For the design of this Nursing Dissertation, deem that your foremost design is to growth levels of rational fulfillment, propriety, and wellbeing in your city, rather than confirm job markets or growth monetary gains.  You may deem that you are a mayor, city bureau part, planning delegation part or a order activist, or fitting an careful tenant.

Describe what makes your city a rationale (a cheerful attribute of duration), sustainable, and a cheerful attribute to speed? How does your city character? What changes in your city and/or the Bay Area would you proffer to better the attribute of duration in your city? How would you growth the levels of rational fulfillment, propriety, and wellbeing in your city?

(If you do not shortness to cull the city where you speed, you may cull another city and decipher why you chose it.) Your Nursing Dissertation should be closely 3 pages hanker.

Instructions, format and yielding of your Nursing Dissertation:

 This is not a learning Nursing Dissertation. Use your own conversance and opinions environing your city or vicinity. Refer to the posted readings and your textbook timeliness despatches your Nursing Dissertation:

    • New Urbanism, Smart Growth.
    • LEED, the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, unpractised edifice certification program.
  • Rubenstein, Chapter 13, Urban Patterns
  • The format is essay. The Nursing Dissertation should be in article format, not a bullet listing.
  • Use set-right spelling, style, punctuation, and vocable exquisite.