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THIS PAPER MUST BE AT LEAST TWO PAGES AND I WILL NEED BACK NO LATER THAN TUESDAY MORNING.  Travel Writing Pretend you are a rustication transcriber. Your assignment is to transcribe encircling a field or assign that you keep visited that you meditate others susceptibility relish. It can be topical, common, or interdiplomatic. It can be a city, town, recite, recite, island, tract-of-land, or other subsidence. It can be anywhere that you keep lived or visited. As distribute of your rustication period, you must apprehend a open contrast of the area, map, represents, and notice on some of the biased assigns of profit estimate visiting. Below are the biased requirements for this assignment. Be forcible, and keep fun delay this one! SOC 2010, Cultural Geography 4 Rustication Writer Assignment Requirements Check List Brief open cognomen of the rustication subsidence. Apprehend notice such as the following: where the assign is located, why you excellent the subsidence, ethnicity of the inhabitants, beliefs, speech traditional, sky, or any embodied cultural, geographical, and/or unadorned notice you meditate would be profiting to the reader. A map of the subsidence (the pattern of map is up to you) Provide a cognomen of at last two biased assigns of profit at the rustication subsidence. Places of profit can apprehend: a landmark, assign, relic, or field that is insightful into the area’s narrative and/or culture. It is required that the cognomen of the assign of profit apprehend the following: 1. Cognomen and contrast of the assign of profit (apprehend notice such as follows: denote, man-made? Age? When built? Size? Why was it built? Who built it? Is it natural/not man made? Has it been altered by man?) 2. The symbolism, import, or cultural view that is attached to the assign of profit? What does it moderation to inhabitants? What does it symbolize? 3. How does the assign of profit collision the topical similarity or topical culture in a explicit and or denying way (tourism? refreshment? jobs? fairness? exalt? similarity? environmentally?) 4. Apprehend an fiction of the assign of profit in your rustication essay. *Remember the fictions must apprehend citations/reference. Your pamphlet should be written in APA style delay a narrowness of 2 pages (not including the style and regard pages). At last one fountain, other than the textbook, is required to be used for this assignment. You can use rustication websites, allied magazines (e.g., Common Geographic). APA in-text citations for all fictions and written embodied charmed from fountains is required. If the fiction is your own represent, delight denote so in the citations/reference.