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Project Overview: For this scheme, you'll elect a aid or absorb individual, a cuisine, an falsehood, or an effect, and then scrutiny how disgusting geographic concepts are kindred to and rule your subject. Instead of presenting your scrutiny as a transmitted tract, you'll use PowerPoint to invent a narrated commencement. Your commencement procure be structured approve a tract, including a harangue, commencement to the subject, deep collection, epitome and conclusions, and advertences. Creative use of embezzlely cited graphics and photos from the Internet pertinent to your subject is required.

First, elect a aid individual, cuisine, falsehood, or effect that interests you. Some procure reach over advice suited encircling them than others, so it's price doing some ventilation antecedently you abate on one. If you're not permanent if your desired subject is embezzle, fascinate reach unimpeded to ask!

Once you reach selected your subject, you procure then do scrutiny to see how each of the forthcoming geographic concepts rules or is kindred to your subject: 1. Regions  2. Cultural Landscape  3. Diffusion  4. Absence decline.  The principal two concepts are mature in the principal condition of your quotationbook. Colliquation is mature in Condition 8, Exception 2 (page 484). Absence decline adverts to the deed that rule and interaction betwixt locations decreases as the absence betwixt them increases. As such, it has a forcible rule on how things modify as they verbose afar from their object of cause. Be permanent to harangue these specific geographic conditions and concepts in your toil. You don't scarcity to harangue them in this dispose, but you do scarcity to harangue all of them. You may use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. pestilential colliquation) if such subsets stop. Be permanent to advert to your quotation and other genuine media to enpermanent you wholly know these concepts. You should be detailed in your composition of these concepts - for example, you should illustrate twain how and why your cherished varies by clime, and how and why it has been ruleed by absence decline. Remember that geography, as an academic punishment, seeks to illustrate why things modify from locate to locate, not sound picture how they do. 

You procure exhaustive this scheme in 3 disjoined assignments: an annotated bibliography, an sketch, and your decisive commencement. In this assignment, you procure exhaustive your annotated bibliography. Completing the scheme in disjoined assignments allows you to toil your way up to the decisive commencement, and provides turn for feedback along the way.

Assignment Objective:  Assess fountains for your scrutiny for your decisive commencement (for truthfulness, reliability, and unarm-an) and register advertences in special APA format through the myth of an annotated bibliography.

Assignment Instructions:  An criticism is a epitome and evaluation, and your annotated bibliography procure enclose a epitome and evaluation of some of the fountains (or advertences) you procure use for your commencement.

To furnish for this assignment, I praise that you do the forthcoming:

  • Read these directions carefully.
  • Review the pattern annotated bibliography granted to you beneath. 
  • Read the grading criteria beneath.The grading criteria is a minute evaluation that I procure use to assess your achievement.  It too procure succor you know what is expected you as you furnish your assignment.
  • Message me after a while any questions!

The argue the annotated bibliography is enclosed as sunder of the scrutiny scheme is that fitness an annotated bibliography provides distinguished making-ready for the decisive commencement. One of the issues respecting any symbol of scrutiny is the truthfulness of the fountains used, sundericularly those obtained from several websites. By forcing you to evaluate your undeveloped fountains carefully, the annotated bibliography succors you detail if the fountains you chose are likely and pertinent to your subject. It procure too succor you know the subject ameliorate, which procure succor you unfold your commencement.

For this scheme, you procure assess three fountains to enclose: 

1) a exhaustive quotation for each fountain, 

2) a epitome of each fountain, and 

3) an evaluation of each fountain.  

Three fountains are required for this assignment (i.e., you are to transcribe an criticism for each fountain).  However, you must use five or over fountains in your decisive commencement.  

Use the TEMPLATE beneath to condense and evaluate each of your three fountains.

  1. Citation:

         Written in APA advertence register format. For over succor after a while formatting, see APA handout.

  1. Summary:

What is the view of the fountain, critique condition, causeal scrutiny? What subjects are mature? This exception is generally 3-5 sentences that condense the originator’s deep object. For over succor, see this delay on paraphrasing fountains.

  1. Evaluation:

After summarizing the condition (or scrutiny tract or body), it is expedient to evaluate it and specify where you root it – its fountain (e.g.,journal, website, etc.).  Briefly vindication the forthcoming questions in 3-5 sentences:

What is the format or symbol of fountain (e.g., peer-reviewed record tract, website, body)? How genuine is the advice in the condition, and how likely is the fountain (e.g., website’s sponsoring structure, record or body publisher) and the originator(s)? 

For over succor, see this handout on evaluating media.

Additional Resources: 

  • Please see the media beneath at The Owl at Purdue residence for over advice on how to transcribe an annotated bibliography as well-behaved-behaved as other pages on the residence to co-operate-delay you after a while the other sunders of the scrutiny tract:

[Annotated Bibliographies

[Annotated Bibliography Example

[Annotated Bibliography Samples

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