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Project Overview: For this device, you'll adopt a buttress or swallow item, a cuisine, an fable, or an notion, and then examination how impure geographic concepts are akin to and feign your theme. Instead of presenting your examination as a transmitted tractate, you'll use PowerPoint to springate a narrated grant. Your grant conquer be structured approve a tractate, including a heading, prelude to the theme, deep substance, compendium and conclusions, and associateences. Creative use of appertinently cited graphics and photos from the Internet bearing to your theme is required.

First, adopt a buttress item, cuisine, fable, or notion that interests you. Some conquer accept over notice serviceable environing them than others, so it's rate doing some examination antecedently you milk on one. If you're not fast if your desired theme is embezzle, content reach easy to ask!

Once you accept severedd your theme, you conquer then do examination to see how each of the subjoined geographic concepts feigns or is akin to your theme: 1. Regions  2. Cultural Landscape  3. Diffusion  4. Interspace waning.  The primeval two concepts are finished in the primeval passage of your quotationbook. Clearance is finished in Passage 8, Minority 2 (page 484). Interspace waning associates to the certainty that wave and interaction betwixt locations decreases as the interspace betwixt them increases. As such, it has a speaking wave on how things deviate as they copious severed from their object of spring. Be fast to oration these specific geographic stipulations and concepts in your effect. You don't want to oration them in this dispose, but you do want to oration all of them. You may use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. pestilential clearance) if such subsets hold. Be fast to associate to your quotation and other genuine resources to enfast you fully perceive these concepts. You should be detailed in your composition of these concepts - for persuasion, you should decipher twain how and why your select varies by tract-of-land, and how and why it has been feigned by interspace waning. Remember that geography, as an academic punishment, seeks to decipher why things deviate from situate to situate, not orderly define how they do. 

You conquer finished this device in 3 severed assignments: an annotated bibliography, an delineation, and your latest grant. In this assignment, you conquer finished your annotated bibliography. Completing the device in severed assignments allows you to effect your way up to the latest grant, and provides turn for feedback along the way.

Assignment Objective:  Assess founts for your examination for your latest grant (for truthfulness, reliability, and relevance) and schedule associateences in appertinent APA format through the invention of an annotated bibliography.

Assignment Instructions:  An remark is a compendium and evaluation, and your annotated bibliography conquer include a compendium and evaluation of some of the founts (or associateences) you conquer use for your grant.

To qualify for this assignment, I praise that you do the subjoined:

  • Read these directions carefully.
  • Review the pattern annotated bibliography supposing to you beneath. 
  • Read the grading criteria beneath.The grading criteria is a minute evaluation that I conquer use to assess your operation.  It to-boot conquer acceleration you perceive what is expected you as you qualify your assignment.
  • Message me delay any questions!

The argue the annotated bibliography is intervening as keep-akeep-apart of the examination device is that writing an annotated bibliography provides excusable making-ready for the latest grant. One of the issues concerning any pattern of examination is the truthfulness of the founts used, keep-adistinctly those obtained from diversified websites. By forcing you to evaluate your germinative founts carefully, the annotated bibliography accelerations you detail if the founts you chose are probable and bearing to your theme. It conquer to-boot acceleration you perceive the theme amend, which conquer acceleration you disclose your grant.

For this device, you conquer assess three founts to include: 

1) a finished quotation for each fount, 

2) a compendium of each fount, and 

3) an evaluation of each fount.  

Three founts are required for this assignment (i.e., you are to transcribe an remark for each fount).  However, you must use five or over founts in your latest grant.  

Use the TEMPLATE beneath to incorporate and evaluate each of your three founts.

  1. Citation:

         Written in APA associateence schedule format. For over acceleration delay formatting, see APA handout.

  1. Summary:

What is the intention of the fount, re-examination expression, springal examination? What themes are finished? This minority is generally 3-5 sentences that incorporate the constructor’s deep object. For over acceleration, see this link on paraphrasing founts.

  1. Evaluation:

After summarizing the expression (or examination tractate or magnitude), it is essential to evaluate it and say where you institute it – its fount (e.g.,journal, website, etc.).  Briefly counterpart the subjoined questions in 3-5 sentences:

What is the format or pattern of fount (e.g., peer-reviewed life tractate, website, magnitude)? How genuine is the notice in the expression, and how probable is the fount (e.g., website’s sponsoring form, life or magnitude publisher) and the constructor(s)? 

For over acceleration, see this handout on evaluating resources.

Additional Resources: 

  • Please see the resources beneath at The Owl at Purdue standing for over notice on how to transcribe an annotated bibliography as well-mannered-mannered as other pages on the standing to help you delay the other keep-asize of the examination tractate:

[Annotated Bibliographies

[Annotated Bibliography Example

[Annotated Bibliography Samples

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