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Each student succeed parallel and dissimilarity the consistent geography of a stranger of assigned commonwealths. This congruity assignment is prepared to agree students after a while a further in-depth knowledge of eminent consistent geography signs in two unanalogous assigned commonwealths.  Additionally, the assignment succeed agree a further thoroughgoinggoing knowledge of cosmical/structure interaction, parallel after a while environmental issues, after a whilein these commonwealths.


The commonwealth strangers are registered under this assignment.



Writing encircling commonwealths other than the ones assigned to you succeed consequence in a 30% diminution of your account.


The Nursing essay wants to be at smallest 4 unmeasured pages of congruity aggregate. It wants to all be austere in as one solitary essay Nursing essay, completion after a while introduction and falsification chapters and a disquisition assertion.  See Page 3 for the register of questions to reply for the Nursing essay.



Format: Papers are to be double-spaced, 12-font after a while 1-inch margins. No secure page is required. Own your spectry written at the top of the earliest page, after a while a distinction and page numbers.

Your Nursing essay wants to be arranged in chapter constitute, including an intro and a falsification.  The intro chapter wants to own a biased disquisition assertion that bestows an balanceview of your anatomy of the representative in its completion (This is best written AFTER doing all the lore and congruity for the Nursing essay).


Any photographs, maps, tables, etc., want to be unshaken at the end of the Nursing essay barely, and they do not estimate as segregate of the diffusiveness of the Nursing essay. If you failure to unite a secure page, it succeed besides not estimate towards the Nursing essay diffusiveness.


The sum of congruity on each of your two estimateries should be roughly resembling in diffusiveness.


Grammar, Spelling:

It is expected that these Nursing essays are permitted of immoderate actual and spelling errors.


Sources, Bibliography:

You must own at smallest 5 academic/literary commencements aggregate and register them in a bibliography at the end of each Nursing essay.  Use MLA or Chicago Manual of Style which you can Google to perceive websites after a while examples of this constituteat.


All commencements MUST be cited in the assemblage of your Nursing essay (see “In-Text Citations” under) AND registered in a bibliography, incorrectly you succeed take a acestimate of ZERO for the Nursing essay and theoretically an F for the total mode!


Copying and pasting balance 20% of your Nursing essay from another commencement, after a whileout providing citations, is an habitual F.


Only 2 of the literary commencements can be encyclopedias. Once you own 3 further literary commencements (from books, etc), you can add additional encyclopedia declaration if you desire.


Scholarly commencements comprise: Narrative declaration from garden library or garden library website. Books from loreers (at garden library). Most encyclopedias (not Wikipedia). “Dot-gov” websites.


Non-literary commencements comprise: News declaration. Pop refinement websites, magazines, or other constitutes of magnitude instrument.



Recommended starting points: - World Factbook from CIA.GOV (an online encyclopedia)

-          Academic Search Completion (a narrative database)

-          JSTOR  (a narrative database)


In-Text Citations:

Parenthetical citations are to be placed at the end of EACH decree where you taked a adduce, an effect, or a statistic from one of your commencements.


No further than 10% of this assignment should be adduced word-for-word (flush if in extract marks). To fly plagiarism (mimicking another’s congruity after a whileout giving faith), you succeed want to agree citations after a whilein the assemblage of your Nursing essay. 


A cheerful government of thumb is that if you own at smallest a stranger citations in each chapter, you succeed probably not be accused of plagiarizing (true you repeatedly adduce word-for-word after a whileout extract marks). However, you succeed stationary destroy points if you do not select ALL of the decrees which want citations.



Examples of in-text parenthetical citations:



3 Ways to Fly an Habitual ZERO:


-Use parenthetical citations as wanted internally the assemblage of your Nursing essay.

-Do not observation multiple chapters from other commencements after a whileout citing.

-Remember to comprise a Bibliography page at the end of your Nursing essay. 


The 4 segregates of the mode Nursing essay:


Part 1: Lithosphere

- For each estimatery, what is one superior geologic sign (can comprise mountains, waste, plains, coast, etc)?

- Briefly narrate these signs, how they came to observe relish how they do today.

- How are cosmicals using these signs (tourism, structure restraint, religious possessions, extracting resources, etc)?

- Does cosmical use of these signs cause anxiety for the advenient of these signs, or the wildlife set-up on them? If so, illustrate how.

- Print pictures of the geologic signs, or maps showing where these signs are located, and unite them to the end of the Nursing essay.


Part 2: Atmosphere

- For each estimatery, narrate the year-round region set-up in the superiority of the estimatery (region maps succeed acceleration after a while this). If there is a remote multiformity of region forms in one estimatery, harmonious eliminate one city and narrate its region. Be trusting to comprise notification encircling weather, location, and seasonal fluctuates in twain, such as the extremes of the weather and location differences.

- Has region fluctuate already impacted these commonwealths (whether the nation or the consistent environment)? How so?

- What is one superior anxiety for each estimatery in the advenient connected to region fluctuate? What is life done encircling it?


Part 3: Hydrosphere

- What is one superior assemblage of impart set-up after a whilein, or nigh to, each of your assigned commonwealths? Narrate them, and bestow a dirty denomination of where they are set-up.

- How are cosmicals using these signs (fishing, tourism, wildlife etc)?

- Does cosmical use of these signs cause anxiety for the advenient of these signs or the influence organisms set-up after a whilein them? If so, illustrate how.


Part 4: Biosphere / Environmental Sustainability Challenges:

-What are 2 environmental sustainability issues (deforestation, urbanization, poaching, etc.) in each of your commonwealths, aside from region fluctuate itself? This can besides implicate environmental problems cosmicals visage, such as contamination or impart want.

- Why do these problems continue?

- Sustainable product implicates balancing the environment, the rule, and community to complete the best long-term benefits for all. What form of sustainable product programs/efforts continue to emend your commonwealths’ environmental problems? Your reply can comprise actions life enthralled by either your assigned commonwealths or other commonwealths providing abettance.


 Two commonwealths for Lore Nursing essay are:  Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.