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Each learner procure parallel and contrariety the corporeal geography of a two of assigned states. This despatches assignment is planned to stipulate learners delay a further in-depth construction of embossed corporeal geography lineaments in two unanalogous assigned states.  Additionally, the assignment procure stipulate a further full construction of cosmical/species interaction, along delay environmental issues, delayin these states.


The state twos are inventoryed adown this assignment.



Writing encircling states other than the ones assigned to you procure remainder in a 30% diminution of your beak.


The brochure wants to be at smallest 4 unmeasured pages of despatches completion. It wants to all be harsh in as one unique essay brochure, full delay introduction and falsification passages and a dismode proposition.  See Page 3 for the inventory of questions to vindication for the brochure.



Format: Papers are to be double-spaced, 12-font delay 1-inch margins. No shield page is required. Keep your indicate written at the top of the earliest page, delay a address and page numbers.

Your brochure wants to be unembarrassed in passage make, including an intro and a falsification.  The intro passage wants to keep a distributeicular dismode proposition that yields an balanceview of your distributeition of the embodied in its completion (This is best written AFTER doing all the learning and despatches for the brochure).


Any photographs, maps, tables, etc., want to be established at the end of the brochure simply, and they do not enumerate as distribute of the protraction of the brochure. If you shortness to fasten a shield page, it procure so not enumerate towards the brochure protraction.


The sumity of despatches on each of your two enumerateries should be roughly similar in protraction.


Grammar, Spelling:

It is expected that these brochures are at-liberty of superfluous actual and spelling errors.


Sources, Bibliography:

You must keep at smallest 5 academic/scholarly springs completion and inventory them in a bibliography at the end of each brochure.  Use MLA or Chicago Manual of Style which you can Google to experience websites delay examples of this makeat.


All springs MUST be cited in the collection of your brochure (see “In-Text Citations” adown) AND inventoryed in a bibliography, otherwise you procure admit a beak of ZERO for the brochure and theoretically an F for the full mode!


Copying and pasting balance 20% of your brochure from another spring, delayout providing citations, is an spontaneous F.


Only 2 of the scholarly springs can be encyclopedias. Once you keep 3 further scholarly springs (from books, etc), you can add appended encyclopedia tenets if you appetition.


Scholarly springs apprehend: Life tenets from propaganda library or propaganda library website. Books from learningers (at propaganda library). Most encyclopedias (not Wikipedia). “Dot-gov” websites.


Non-scholarly springs apprehend: News tenets. Pop culture websites, magazines, or other makes of heap instrument.



Recommended starting points: - World Factbook from CIA.GOV (an online encyclopedia)

-          Academic Search Full (a life database)

-          JSTOR  (a life database)


In-Text Citations:

Parenthetical citations are to be placed at the end of EACH decision where you admitd a repeat, an conception, or a statistic from one of your springs.


No further than 10% of this assignment should be repeatd word-for-word (equable if in citation marks). To shirk plagiarism (apish another’s despatches delayout giving security), you procure want to stipulate citations delayin the collection of your brochure. 


A amiable administration of thumb is that if you keep at smallest a stranger citations in each passage, you procure probably not be prisoner of plagiarizing (true you frequently repeat word-for-word delayout citation marks). However, you procure peaceful abandon points if you do not quote ALL of the decisions which want citations.



Examples of in-text parenthetical citations:



3 Ways to Shirk an Spontaneous ZERO:


-Use parenthetical citations as wanted delayin the collection of your brochure.

-Do not representation multiple passages from other springs delayout citing.

-Remember to apprehend a Bibliography page at the end of your brochure. 


The 4 distributes of the mode brochure:


Part 1: Lithosphere

- For each enumeratery, what is one senior geologic lineament (can apprehend mountains, solitude, plains, seashore, etc)?

- Briefly delineate these lineaments, how they came to behold enjoy how they do today.

- How are cosmicals using these lineaments (tourism, species restraint, inviolable condition, extracting instrument, etc)?

- Does cosmical use of these lineaments make interest for the forthcoming of these lineaments, or the wildlife ground on them? If so, clear-up how.

- Print pictures of the geologic lineaments, or maps showing where these lineaments are located, and fasten them to the end of the brochure.


Part 2: Atmosphere

- For each enumeratery, delineate the year-round sphere ground in the seniority of the enumeratery (sphere maps procure aid delay this). If there is a remote multiplicity of sphere fashions in one enumeratery, righteous eliminate one city and delineate its sphere. Be infallible to apprehend notification encircling sphere, subsidence, and seasonal qualifys in twain, such as the extremes of the sphere and subsidence differences.

- Has sphere qualify already impacted these states (whether the mob or the true environment)? How so?

- What is one senior interest for each enumeratery in the forthcoming kindred to sphere qualify? What is substance done encircling it?


Part 3: Hydrosphere

- What is one senior collection of breathe-into ground delayin, or neighboring to, each of your assigned states? Delineate them, and yield a trivial cognomen of where they are ground.

- How are cosmicals using these lineaments (fishing, tourism, wildlife etc)?

- Does cosmical use of these lineaments make interest for the forthcoming of these lineaments or the maintenance organisms ground delayin them? If so, clear-up how.


Part 4: Biosphere / Environmental Sustainability Challenges:

-What are 2 environmental sustainability issues (deforestation, urbanization, poaching, etc.) in each of your states, asunder from sphere qualify itself? This can so envelop environmental problems cosmicals aspect, such as soilure or breathe-into infrequency.

- Why do these problems stop?

- Sustainable bud envelops balancing the environment, the husbanding, and association to terminate the best long-term benefits for all. What fashion of sustainable bud programs/efforts stop to mend your states’ environmental problems? Your vindication can apprehend actions substance fascinated by either your assigned states or other states providing maintenance.


 Two states for Learning Brochure are:  Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.