Questions human geograpghy | Geography homework help

under each the spectry of the material and converge,

there are questions need to be answered (condensed answers )





Why Americans Passion the Dalai Lama?


·       When did he primeval mark the U.S.?

·       Nobel Prize winner of?

·       Tibet’s government-in-exile

·       Describe himself as?

·       Percent Buddhist in the U.S.

·       He is resembling to whom?

·       How did the Dalai Lama vie after a while the laurels and veneration?

·       And, possibly other questions


Detroit Census Confirms a Desertion Like No Other


·       During Great Nonresidence what is the nonresidence deviate?

·       Population transmute in Detroit is a constituent of “Pull/Push/Other”

·       Why race moved out of Detroit?

·       And others,


American Sikhs Run Billion Dollar Security Firm


·       Where are they?

·       What do they do?

·       Akal?

·       Who is the planter?

·       Why can’t they man in “metal detector”?

·       Their spectrys?

·       Their life


Love commandos extricate India’s forbidden couples


·       What is “forbidden couples”?

·       Their castes

·       What is her father’s reaction when he was told?

·       What would “Love Commandos” get to them?

·       About “honor killing”