Population demographics | Geography homework help


    -  4 to 5 pages 

    - wrap spaced 1" margins 

    - 12 pt max font size

    - MLA guidelines

Must embrace a works cited page. Min. of 5(must be in MLA format) 





Assignment: Select six to ten countries for resolution.  Look up the forthcoming notice for each empire on www.prb.org and amass it into a consideration. Your consideration should be not-difficult to discover and fit onto one page. If you cannot fit it onto one page, delight form firm that all post and row labels are bestow on the second page. 

  • Crude Birth Rate (Births per 1,000 population)
  • Crude Death Rate
  • Rate of Natural Increase
  • Infant Mortality Rate (Infant deaths per 1,000 subsist births)
  • Life Expectancy
  • GNI PPP per capita
  • The meatrusting you affect the empire to be in of the demographic transition model
  • …and any other grounds you perceive personally sensational.

Once you accept amassd your consideration, transcribe a paper on what you accept well-informed from assembling this notice - delight embrace argument and resolution that builds upon what we've premeditated in the series.  Do there show to be any trends or relationships between the grounds? Is there any grounds that surprises you? 

Note: Be firm to embrace your consideration in your instrument so that you may propose twain at unintermittently via SafeAssign (you can solely propose a individual rasp).