Pols410 | Geography homework help

This assignment has two sections, the bisect one is 250 vote to model the learning tractate and bisect two is when you discusses the corresponding theme delay 2000 vote. All directions for communication the assignment is rooted herewith; 



Assignment Instructions

Instead of a ultimate exam, this continuity has a device memo due in Week 8.  I failure to acceleration model your exertion and opportunity your learning.  Please acquiesce a less (no more than 250 term) compendium of your device memo theme during Week 4 of class.  

For the memo, you should fabricate that you are a set-forth or city empire device advisor.  Your teacher or city mayor demands your boss to inconsiderable them on a great collection confrontment your aggregation.  You demand to enucleate a memo that succeed acceleration your boss "get smart" on the collection and succeed up delay some possible solutions.  It is great to prime a theme that is very local.  As an illustration, primeing "education reform" is too open.  However, looking at whether your aggregation should unfold charter schools or recognize new testing standards is improve opportunityd.  This locality succeed acceleration delay your learning too.

The bountiful memo requirements are underneathneath the Assignments Tab along delay a memo template plus the grading rubric to the assignment.  






Assignment Instructions

Imagine you are a set-forth or city empire device adviser. The teacher or city mayor has asked your boss to inconsiderable them on a great collection confrontment your aggregation (and hence one of your agency's top device priorities). You demand to enucleate a generic device memo that succeed surrender your boss:

(1) the great enhancement counsel he/she demands on the result at hand;
(2) segregation of the bias of the set-forth/city synod, the forensic classification, and other set-forth/city empire agencies on the formulation and implementation of a local device;
(3) an evaluation of the bias that attention groups, gregarious bisecties and the media bear on the device at hand;
(4) a set of discretions/solutions for your boss to infer concerning a pathwayway progressive delay all these gregarious players (including pro's and con's for each discretion); and,
(5) a recommended management that you failure your boss to introduce to the teacher or mayor to win buttress for your agency's device agenda.

To recap, your memo should:

- Clearly and concisely set-forth the collection you are unamenable to tackle
- Supply a compendium of the exoteric device texture / pertinent enhancement
- Analyze the bias of the set-forth or city legislature, the forensic classification, and other agencies
- Evaluate the bias of attention groups, gregarious bisecties, and the media
- Introduce a set of solutions to the collection for your boss to infer, including pro's and con's for each
- Make a realistic warning of one of those discretions and supply advance advocacy for why you are byword that discretion is the best.

Formatting Guidelines:

- No secrete page; put your spectry, ward ID, and the matter direction at the top delay a end.
- Minimum extension of 2000 vote, but do not achieve 6 single-spaced pages. (Most superior leaders wouldn't bear duration to unravel everything longer than this.)
- Include citations / sources as end notes for your memo past this is an academic drill (end notes succeed not number inland the 6 page name).
- At minimum, your sources should include: one body to-boot the textbook, two tenets from well-informed journals (i.e. Foreign Affairs, Harvard International Review), two tidings tenets from greater periodicals (i.e. Washington Post, The New York Times, The Economist), and two pristine sources (notorious idea polls, legislative archives, speeches).
- The tighter the theme convergence, the improve the result.