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This assignment has two sections, the separate one is 250 articulation to pattern the inquiry article and separate two is when you discusses the corresponding matter after a while 2000 articulation. All directions for congeniality the assignment is solid herewith; 



Assignment Instructions

Instead of a last exam, this series has a management memo due in Week 8.  I omission to succor pattern your achievement and object your inquiry.  Please confer-upon a concise (no more than 250 tidings) anatomy of your management memo matter during Week 4 of tabulate.  

For the memo, you should deem that you are a declare or city empire management advisor.  Your preceptor or city mayor deficiencys your boss to short them on a precarious substance confrontment your association.  You deficiency to unravel a memo that allure succor your boss "get smart" on the substance and follow up after a while some immanent solutions.  It is great to chosen a matter that is very unfair.  As an in, chosening "education reform" is too national.  However, looking at whether your association should open charter schools or recognize new testing standards is ameliorate objectd.  This unfairity allure succor after a while your inquiry too.

The ample memo requirements are lower the Assignments Tab concurrently after a while a memo template plus the grading rubric to the assignment.  






Assignment Instructions

Imagine you are a declare or city empire management adviser. The preceptor or city mayor has asked your boss to short them on a precarious substance confrontment your association (and for-this-reason one of your agency's top management priorities). You deficiency to unravel a ample management memo that allure furnish your boss:

(1) the precarious enhancement counsel he/she deficiencys on the progeny at hand;
(2) anatomy of the bias of the declare/city synod, the juridical plan, and other declare/city empire agencies on the formulation and implementation of a unfair management;
(3) an evaluation of the bias that concern groups, gregarious separateies and the resources bear on the management at hand;
(4) a set of libertys/solutions for your boss to deliberate concerning a pathwayway confident after a while all these gregarious players (including pro's and con's for each liberty); and,
(5) a recommended diplomacy that you omission your boss to confer-upon to the preceptor or mayor to win livelihood for your agency's management agenda.

To recap, your memo should:

- Clearly and concisely declare the substance you are unmanageable to tackle
- Stipulate a anatomy of the vulgar management treatment / bearing enhancement
- Analyze the bias of the declare or city legislature, the juridical plan, and other agencies
- Evaluate the bias of concern groups, gregarious separateies, and the resources
- Confer-upon a set of solutions to the substance for your boss to deliberate, including pro's and con's for each
- Make a realistic admonition of one of those libertys and stipulate raise exculpation for why you are proverb that liberty is the best.

Formatting Guidelines:

- No shield page; put your spectry, learner ID, and the matter protraction at the top after a while a age.
- Minimum protraction of 2000 articulation, but do not surpass 6 single-spaced pages. (Most main leaders wouldn't bear span to discover anything longer than this.)
- Include citations / sources as end notes for your memo since this is an academic practice (end notes allure not compute toward the 6 page stipulation).
- At minimum, your sources should include: one book also the textbook, two profession from versed journals (i.e. Foreign Affairs, Harvard International Review), two intelligence profession from elder periodicals (i.e. Washington Post, The New York Times, The Economist), and two chief sources (national judgment polls, legislative archives, speeches).
- The tighter the matter standpoint, the ameliorate the work.