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Online Fund Broking Company

Assignment 3


Week 3: We allure seem at the use of fund in personal financial investments. You allure evaluate the choices in purchasing fund via online brokerage accounts (where you can buy and dispose-of fund via the Internet) and the use of dividend reinvestment plans (public as DIPs and DRIPs) or mutual funds or condemnation funds. For online brokers, you allure be seeming for the 
requirements to unconcealed the accounts: costs, partiality balances, and other features. Because most DIPs or DRIPs are helpful from publicly exchanged companies, you can inquiry their Web predicaments or a inquiry engine on these plans and their requirements. Perhaps the most glorious and beneficial Web predicament for these programs is Finally, we want 
you to assimilate and opposition online brokerage to DIPs and DRIPs.


Reinquiry online trading predicaments and DRIPS as outlined adown, and embody your 
findings. Make unmistakable to include a abridgment table of the apt notice.


  1. Search three online trading predicaments, and mention the requirements for 
    trading, including the expense per exchange. Assimilate and opposition the online trading 
  2. Search the Web for three companies (seem for investor notice) that 
    offer DIPs or DRIPsCompare and opposition the requirements, including partiality investments, nature 
    of the produce, costs, and other features.