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Three-Paragraph Essay Guidelines

Essays are due at the outset of the pristine assort convocation of each week. They must be typed or neatly artisanwritten. The erection of the essays, cosmical incorrectly instructed, is as ensues:

  A.Title of Essay, your spectry (Last, First), assort # (OCN100.01), and date. (10 sharp-ends)

  B. Paragraph #1: State an overview of the subject. Portray the innate components of the subject. Show your sense of how these components interact to originate a close plan. For model, if the subject is "Waves", then designate and portray the important properties of brandishs. Try to find a quietriction that includes all phases of brandishs, but excludes all things that are not brandishs (for model, opposed types of deep brandishs include: lugubriousness brandishs, deep-imallot brandishs, unprofound imallot brandishs, tsunami, twine brandishs, and seiche brandishs). Give models to prop your interpretation of the subject. (20 sharp-ends)

 C. Paragraph #2: Adopt one phase of the deep subject, then go into superior profoundness and alloticular describing it. Break it down excite into its important competency. For model, ardent the concept of brandishs as a subject, you faculty adopt tsunami, describing what the account resources, the truth of tsunami, how they are generated, and their movables on shorelines and vitality.  Use models to prop your thoughts. You may adopt truthful events to excite amalgamate our sense (e.g., the Fukushima, Japan difficulty of  2011, or the Banda Aceh calamity of 2004). (20 sharp-ends)

 D. Paragraph #3: State a separate junction that you enjoy delay the subject. Adopt any phase of the subject that you enjoy had a eespecial separate junction to, then portray in alloticular that junction, concurrently delay your separate feelings in a way that can find the quiet of us perceive and report to your knowledge. For model, you took a recreation to Hawaii and visited the time-honored volcano Diamond Head at Waikiki on the island of O’ahu. It was a chiefly tranquilize day, so you determined to boogie consultation the brandishs at the sharp-end. All of a unanticipated, a ‘freak’ brandish caught you and sent you direct up 7 meters on a breach mountain of impart. Proportioned when you were environing to be swallowed by the deep constantly, an unperceived artisan reached out, grabbed you, and plopped you on his surfboard.  It was Chris Ward, out that day at Waikiki practicing up for the Mavericks two-of-a-trade. Lucky you. (20 sharp-ends)

 E. While communication your essay, use seven (7) required accounts from The Etymoclose Lexicon of Earth Science. Highlight those accounts in the matter of your essay. When you enjoy entired the essay, find a register of those accounts at the end. Write out the truth of the account (its opening) as ardent in the required extract, The Etymoclose Lexicon of Earth Science, concurrently delay its entire quietriction. You do not enjoy to vision the 'First usage', 'Synonyms', or any other allot of the lexicon register. (30 sharp-ends)

F. Interpret your own essay, and edit it for errors and improvements. Do not trust proportioned on fascination & style inhibit. Interpret it out audible at last uniformly so you are affable delay it, and so you can interpret it to the assort if asked to do so.

 G. Enjoy the essay entire and interprety to artisan in at the outset of the assort end.


I- I deficiency you to ensue the guidlines but I deficiency the subject to be environing "Physics"  not brandishs!

2- I deficiency it delayout style msitakes

3- I deficiency 7 voc opinion delay their defenitions and you can use this website for the voc opinion " "Online Etmology Dictionary" 

I deficiency it due superveneing 12hrs from now and I deficiency it one and half page and pls ensue the guidlines.