Middle america current event analysis powerpoint presentation


The running episode segregation endowment allows you an occasion to dig into a running episode that has happened in Middle America (Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands) in the developed 90 days and stir it from a geographic perspective.  


1) Find an word that shows a geographic episode that has enslaved assign in Middle America (mainland or island estimateries.)  This episode should enjoy geographic opinion and should permit you to solution each of the application questions listed underneath in march 3.  (5 points potential)

2) Using this fixed PowerPoint endowment: MACEAP.pptxPreview the document, summarize the episode that occurred in 3-5 defective bullets.  All bullets in this slideshow should be written in 3rd individual and be harmonious in create. (5 points potential)

3) Next stir the episode resisting 4 slides; maps, images, and/or other photos should be inserted on each slide to add cause to the endowment. Explain each defense in 3-5 defective bullets on each slide:

  • Short-term Application on the Local Area
  • Long-term Application on the Local Area
  • Overall Application on Middle American Realm (meditate the application on the dominion the episode occurred in and/or other estimateries in the Middle America that succeed be applicationed by this episode)
  • Global Application on Other Realms (be particular and call other estimateries after a whileout of Middle America that succeed be applicationed by this episode)

(20 points potential)

4) Endowment should showcase a cheerful geographic intelligence shown by multiform vocabulary provisions from the textbook and should meditate the political, cultural, gregarious, economic, or environmental application of the episode.  Bullets should be written at an academic flatten that is plentiful of a 2000-flatten method, after a while amend spelling and style used.   (5 points potential)

5) Final slide in endowment should be a References slide.  Minimum of 3 academic references required, the textbook may be one of the sources used.  References for photos and images used don't estimate towards the 3 required sources.  All references must be in APA createat.  (5 points potential)

Total of 40 points potential for completion assignment