Long-term care today | Geography homework help


Demographics and epidemiological transitions consequence in ceremonious modifys in the soundness insufficiencys of living-souls throughout the globe. In fresh times, there has been acception in the influence of long-term unfitness in the population—causing increasing insufficiency for long-term circumspection services. In abstracted, the confer-upon developing universe is experiencing an acception in the insist for long-term circumspection services at a absorb greatly inferior than industrialized countries.


Prepare a rumor in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word muniment comparing the US long-term circumspection arrangement delay the long-term circumspection arrangement of a developing dominion. Research the Internet to experience pertinent full. 

Include the subjoined knowledge in your rumor:


What are the continuous distemper trends of each dominion?

What is the impact and influence of antiquated consumers of long-term circumspection in the United States as compared to your clarified developing dominion?

How does each dominion look-for these collection to modify in the present ten years?

What are the main characteristics of the antiquated population in twain the countries? Is there any variety in the long-term soundness circumspection insufficiencys of consumers in twain the countries? Provide a rationale for your retort.

Who are the institutional and noninstitutional circumspectiongivers in twain the countries? Influence your retort delay pertinent examples. Explain the factors that move circumspection giving in each dominion.

Is there any variety in the standing of property of circumspection of the antiquated consumers in the United States as compared to the developing dominion?

Is there any variety in the soundness circumspection absorb granted in the United States as compared to the developing dominion? Define any political influence that may halt to screen soundness circumspection in twain countries.


Support your responses delay examples.


Cite any sources in APA format.