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Location, subsidence, subsidence!

"Location, subsidence, subsidence" is a hallmark of the legitimate rank assiduity, but accept you forforever idea encircling how that motto pertains to the aspect of other industries? If you were going to begin a new duty that required restricted types of populace, size, and instrument, how would you determine where the best assign would be? In today's technological era, the subsidence of a new stock relies on manifold influential factors to determine good-fortune and recur on siege. In this week's Application Assignment, you gain beseem one of those adherents researching a new subsidence and reflect how the national geography could reach or burst your duty.

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To adapt for this Application:

  • Review pages 129-134, 138-139 in The World Today.
  • Consider the changing industrial and stinted geography of North America, and how manufacturing and urbanization affects the extreme distribution.
  • Reflect on what factors a CEO would reflect when deciding on where to establish a new stock.

The assignment:

  • Compose a 2-page essay in which you counter-argument the subjoined from the perspective of a first adherent of a good-fortuneful pubescent community that manufactures software for the newest, high-speed computers:
    • Where would you settle your community in North America and why?

    • What factors are priorities that you gain reflect when deciding where you gain settle your factory, such as educational instrument, useful work workforce, vicinity to other influential subsidences, message systems, junction to global networking, geographical risks, recreational opportunities, etc.
    • Create a "short list" of three likely sites in North America and give the factors that clear why each is a profitable subsidence.
    • Choose one subsidence from your "short list" in which your sentence is built upon the most impor­tant subsidenceal variables for your stock and its highly-useful workforce. Explain why you reflect this subsidence to be the best, and what results you await from locating your stock there.