Lab 07: glacial landscapes | Geography homework help


This module examines sleek processes and verseaments. Topics embracecontinental and alpine glaciation, ablation and hoard, cirques, drumlins, kettles, kames and moraine. Conjuncture these questions may vindication to be ill-matched, you obtain inferiorstand how they are inherently akin.The modules begin after a conjuncture five inauguration questions, or vignettes, which are ground in the accompanying Google Earth rasp. These vignettes begin basic concepts of the sleek processes and landforms. Some of the vignettes keep activitys, videos, or inadequate creed that obtain arrange another perspective or visual interpretation for the question at operative.  After balbutiation the vignette and associated links, vindication the aftercited questions. Please voice that some links bias catch a conjuncture to download established on your Internet hurry.


Expandthe INTRODUCTION folder and then curb Question 1: Introduction.

ReadTopic 1: Introduction.

Question 1: What are some uses of freshinsinuate from glaciers?

A.   Agriculture

B.   Industry

C.   Tourism

D.   All of the above

Read Topic 2: Types of Glaciers.

Question 2: What is the semi-round verseament at the far left of the justice?

A.   Drumlin

B.   Lateral moraine

C.   Terminal moraine

D.   Medial moraine

 Read Topic 3: History after a conjuncturein Sleek Ice.

Question 3: Amid the snow, do self-possesseder temperatures outcome in surpassing or inferior concentrations of incompact oxygen (16O)?

A.   Higher, owing there is aggravate essential-quality to elate 18O out of the ocean

B.   Lower, owing there is aggravate essential-quality to elate 18O out of the ocean

C.   Higher, owing there is hither essential-quality to elate 18O out of the ocean

D.   Lower, owing there is hither essential-quality to elate 18O out of the ocean

 Read Topic 4: The Global Retreat and Advance of Glaciers.

Question 4: What happened to the Peterman Glacier on Aug 5, 2010?

A.   Satellite justicery mark the glacier was in-effect advancing

B.   A extensive concretion of the glacier broke off the recondite glacier

C.   Icebergs were speckled calving

D.   An ice dam imagined by icebergs broke unleashing 3 favorite cfs of insinuate

 Read Topic 5: Human Reliance on Glaciers for Water.

Question 5: What was the peak send-away on August 14, 2002?

A.   97 cfs

B.   3.9 favorite cfs

C.   1.9 favorite cfs

D.   145,000 cfs

Collapse and uncurb INTRODUCTION.


 Expand GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE and then double-click and fine Major Earth Glaciers.

This map pretences the residuum of superior glaciers (in sky blue) throughout the earth. At offer, glaciers cloak almost 10 to 11 percent of the demeanor of the Earth. Frequent cities endure on glaciers as their fount of insinuate.

Double‑click Question 6. When you attain at your colony, perceive the advice to occupy in the blanks adown. Repeat this for Questions 7 and 8:

Question 6:        


A.   Lima

B.   Buenos Aires

C.   Santiago

D.   Bogotá


A.   7.2 favorite

B.   2.7 favorite

C.   3.6 favorite

D.   4.5 favorite

Glacier(s) located which order from city:

A.   North

B.   East

C.   West

D.   South


Question 7:


A. Bhutan

B. Lhasa

C. Katmandu

D. Tibet


A.2.7 favorite

B. 4.3 favorite

C. 1.9 favorite

D. 4.5 favorite

Glacier(s)located which order from city:

A.   North

B.   West

C.   East

D.   South

Question 8:

Glacier: Atetsch

Latitude and Longitude (degrees solely):

A.   Latitude 46 °N, Longitude 8° E

B.   Latitude 46 °N, Longitude 8° W

C.   Latitude 46 °S, Longitude 8° E

D.   Latitude 46 °S, Longitude 8° W


Collapse and uncurb GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE

Figure 1.Glacier concretion budget.(Arbogast 2nd Ed.).

Alpine glaciers are ground in frequent of the earth’s superior mountain ranges. These glaciers are dynamic and run downhill inferior the nerve of dismally. In frequent places, alpine glaciers are subordinate as the snowpack decreases in refuse months and average temperatures extension during the rise and summer months.

Expand the ALPINE GLACIATION folder.Double-click and fine Mass Balance.

This is the Klinaklini glacier in British Columbia, Canada. Parallel an alpine glacier there are two superior zones, hoard and ablation. The zone of hoard(Figure 1) is located at surpassing heights where temperatures rerecondite self-possessed sufficient such that snowfall exceeds issueing aggravate the conduct of a year. Conversely, the zone of ablation is located at inferior heights where issueing exceeds snowfall. The red verse in the intermediate represents the equilibrium verse, where snowfall and issueing are resembling aggravate the conduct of a year. Farther down in the zone of ablation, and missing of ice by meltinsinuate is indisputable.

Question 9: Where do we perceive the recondite fissures in the glacier disclosed as crevasses– in the zone of hoard or the zone of ablation?

A.   Zone of hoard

B.   Both zone of hoard and ablation

C.   Zone of ablation

D.   Neither zone of hoard now ablation.

 KeepMass Balance selected, and then double‑click Direction of Flow.

Question 10:Explain the order of run of sleek ice, from the zone of hoard to the missing of ice by meltwater.

A.   The glacier runs downward from the zone of hoard inferior the bias of dismally.

B.   The glacier runs uphill as it melts

C.   The glacier runs in a southern order towards the equator

D.   Direction endures on the totality of snowfall.


Erosional Features

Figure 2.Glaciation (17.16 Arbogast 2nd Ed.)


A cirque (or corrie) is a bowl‑shaped erosional verseament imagined by involved sleek ice run that that plucks esthetic from a indentation on a swell and promotes the romance of a hollow. Cirque glaciers are typically the crisis of U fashiond degradation glaciers. After glaciation, frequent cirques comprehend tarn lakes (Figure 2) conjuncture in the sleek degradations, chains of paternoster lakes are formed, commsolely united by a one drift regularity.


Expand Erosional Features and then double‑click and fine Mt. Rainier.

Figure 3. Geographic Features verse item


Mount Rainier, after a conjuncture its 25 glaciers cloaking 90 clear km (35 clear mile), has aggravate glaciers than any other peak in the continental US.


Mt. Rainier is located south of Seattle, Washington. Google has a office that enables you to see aggravate advice environing the mountain such as the height and the height profile, and to fly on a ramble. Open the Layers pane, open Borders and Labels, open Labels and then curb Geographic Features (Figure 3).        


 Double‑click Mount Rainier Tour.


 Double‑click and fine A and B.

Question 11: The ridgeverse is what mark of sleek verseament?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double‑clickForbidden Peak Tourto get a closer appear.

Question 12:What sleek verseament (there are almost 20 of them) is ground on twain sides of the ridgeverse betwixt A and B?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

Question 13: Appear at the lake adown this ridgeline. This lake is what mark of sleek verseament?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double‑click and fine .

Question 14:What mark of sleek verseament is this lake?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double-click fine the Dfolder.

When 3 or aggravate cirques tail into each other they imagine a component landform verseament.However, this verseament is imperfectly enigmatical to see in the 2D perspective.

 Double‑click. Double‑click and fineMountain Tour.

Question 15: What is the spectry of this sleek verseament, to which the mountain is spectryd (Hint: You can individualize the spectry of the superior apex by enabling Geographic Features)?

A. Cirque

B. Tarn

C. Horn

D. Arete


Close the airs repress panel:

 Double-click and fineValley. Click animation in the window.

This degradation was originally imagined by a liberal stream regularity and actually qualified by a glacier that has gone retreated.

Question 16:What mark of degradation is ground at D?

A. Liberal stream degradation

B. Sleek degradation

C. Hanging degradation

D. V – fashiond degradation


Collapse and uncurb Erosional Features

Transportation and Depositional Features

 Double-click Transportation and Depositional Features.

This is the glacier d'Otemma in Switzerland. Amid this alpine glacier, diverse avermental verseaments are indisputable. Most glorious are the different moraines ground parallel (lateral), floating or betwixt (medial) and at the end (terminal) of the glacier. Morainesconsist of unsorted dress (diamicton or settlement) that is deposited after a conjuncture glaciers; the residuum of the moraine individualizes the mark. Three of the most well-disclosed moraines are:

Double‑click and fine lore F, G, and H imperfectly to substantiate the aftercited verseaments:

Question 17:Feature :

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Question 18:Feature :

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Question 19:Feature

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Collapse and uncurb ALPINE GLACIATION.

Continental Glaciation

During sleek periods in the departed, extensive portions of North America were cloak by continental glaciers. Today, these glaciers are ground predominantly in Greenland and the Antarctica. But remnants of continental glacier essential-quality can be ground athwart ample of Canada,the northern continental US, northern Europe and Russia.

Expand and clickCONTINENTAL GLACIATION. Click continental glaciation video in the window. This activity depicts ultimate landforms of continental glaciers.

As you can see, it is the avermental verseaments of continental glaciations that rerecondite on the vision.These verseaments embrace those that formed inferior or as a outcome of sleek lobes conjuncture other verseaments are a outcome of sleek meltwater.

 ExpandDepositional Features.

Drumlins are imagined by continental glaciers that refashion prior deposited glacier esthetic as they provoke aggravate it (Figure 4).They verge to be elongated and orient in the order of ice provokement. The tranquilize end of a drumlin faces the order from which the glacier was tender when it imagined the drumlin.


Figure 4.Topographic justice of a drumlin and its order of sleek ice run.

 Double-click Drumlin.

This is a vision after a conjuncture diverse drumlins. From the air it is enigmatical to see them; eventually, it becomes aggravate explicit when conramble verses are added to pretence height changes.

 Set the height burlesque to 3.

Select Drumlin Contour.

Look for a succession of conramble verses forming an elongated fashion resembling to Figure 4. This verseament is a drumlin.

Double-click and fine Drumlin Angular View to see an angular opinion of the verseament.

Question 20: According to the fashions of the drumlins, what (compass) order do you believe the ice was tender when it formed the drumlins?






Double-click and fine Kettle Lake.

This extensive round substantiality of insinuate is a kettle lake formed by a fill of ice a subordinate glacier progress off. Aggravate season the fill of ice is imperfectly buried and then melts to imagine a hollow.When occupyed after a conjuncture insinuate, this hollow is termed a kettle lake. Use the executive instrument and estimate the diffusiveness athwart the lake from top H to top I.

Question 21: How spacious, in miles, is the lake (from H to I)?

A. 1.6 miles

B. 2.6 miles

C. 3.6 miles

D. 4.6 miles


Question 22: Assuming the lake is round, count the area of this lake (A=πr2)in clear miles, where A is area, pi is 3.14, and r2 is the radius of the dissipation cleard.

Area is __________________mi2

A. Π(0.8)2 = 2.00  clear miles

B. Π(1.6)2 = 8.04 clear miles

C. Π(3.6)2 = 40.72 clear miles

D. Π(4.6)2 = 66.48 clear miles


ExpandEskers. Fine Ripley Esker.

Eskers are desire snake enjoy ridges imagined by the averment of settlement frommelt insinuate drifts that runed after a conjuncturein or inferior glaciers. Gravel pits frequently mine eskers for sand and gravel.

This is the Ripley Esker in Minnesota. Mark how the trees sketch the esker.

 Select Belle Prairie.

You can use the aftercited Google Earth instruments to constitute the esker easier to see on the topographic maps:

·         Use the Adjust Opacity instrument to see how the topographic map compares to the aerial photograph.

·         Use the Ruler instrument to abuse the diffusiveness of the esker.

Question 23: What is the neighboring diffusiveness of the esker in miles?

A.   1.5 miles

B.   2 miles

C.   5 miles

D.   10 miles

Question 24: What are the two dominant economic activities ground encircling the esker?

A.   Farming and ranching

B.   Ranching and quarrying

C.   Tourism and farming

D.   Quarrying and farming


Double-click Moraine.

This vision in Minnesota is mottled after a conjuncture a final moraine and kettle lakes. Conjuncture the lakes are quiet to see, the moraine is not.

Double-click Moraine Perspective to opinion the vision from a 3-D perspective.

The moraine vindications as a succession of hills.

SelectInspiration Peak to opinion a topographic map of the vision.

Question 25: What is the haughty top (in feet) of the moraine in the red contour?The haughty top is located neighboring the mediate eastern separate of the Inspiration Peak map notable by the red sum 1.

A.   1550

B.   1650

C.   1705


D.   1555