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Note: Please connect to the GETTING STARTEDmodule to gather how to maneuver through and apology the lab inquirys using Google Earth ().


Students should distinguish and gather these promises:








Karst placescape


Carbonate shake


Tower karst

Disappearing stream


Water consideration



After successfully completing this module, you should be potent to the subjoined tasks:

·         Identify karst indications on a topographic map and aerial photo

·         Identify place uses associated after a suitableness karst topography

·         Identify components of the reasonimmultiply plan

·         Explain how immultiply enters, flows through, and exits the reason

·         Explain how caves and caverns are makeed

·         Explain how the hydrologic cycle functions

·         Identify place uses associated after a suitableness reasonwater




This module examines Karst placescapes and reasonwater. Topics embrace caves, caverns, sinkholes, aquifers, infiltration and reasonimmultiply alter-of-place. Suitableness these themes may show to be ill-assorted, you succeed gather how they are inherently akin. The modules prepare after a suitableness filthy chink themes, or vignettes, which are quiet in the appertaining Google Sphere refine. These vignettes usher-in basic concepts karst placescapes and reasonwater. Some of the vignettes possess animations, videos, or lacking doctrines that succeed contribute another perspective or visual interpretation for the theme at workman.  After lection the vignette and associated combines, apology the subjoined inquirys. Please tranquil n ess that some combines jurisdiction captivate a suitableness to download based on your Internet accelerate.

 Expandthe INTRODUCTION folder and then fineed Theme 1: Introduction.

 Read Topic 1:Introduction.

Question 1: What anthropological mobility is incontrovertible in twain exterior and learned karst environments?

A.   Human dwellings

B.   Pollution

C.   Agricultural place use

D.   Dams for hydroelectric power

 Read Topic 2: Karst Landscapes.

Question 2: How are caves and caverns, uniformly underground, now plain on the exterior in developed poetical karst environment?

A.   A abate in immultiply flattens unprotected the caves and caverns

B.   Terracing of mountains for unwandering evolution unprotected them

C.   Tectonic build and weathering and erosion of mountains unprotected them

D.   Removal of vegetation unprotected the caves and caverns

 Read Topic 3: Groundwater

Question 3: How does the “ground” (soil, shake, topography) bias reasonimmultiply alter-of-place? (Check all that allot).

A.   The reason can temporarily delay or garner the immultiply

B.   Groundimmultiply openly conforms to the topography of placescape

C.   Soil loveness affects infiltration rates

D.   The reason does not bias reasonimmultiply alter-of-place

 Read Topic 4: Anthropological Interaction.

Question 4: According to the website, what are three methods used to calm ebb? (Check all that allot).

A.   Repressuring of courteous-mannereds through aquifers

B.   Artificial recharge of aquifers from the place exterior

C.   Reduction of pumping draft

D.   Repressuring of aquifers through courteous-mannereds


 Collapse and unstay INTRODUCTION.

For the quiet of this module, you succeed warrant and clear-up the geographic classification, patterns, and processes associated after a suitableness karst processes and reasonwater. In doing so, you succeed acknowledge and value the impression that these processes and indications possess on the exterior.



   Double-click GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, and the fineeded Global Karst Distribution.

Karst environments are quiet throughout the universe, and are quiet in closely all climates and residuums on sphere. Sundry metropolitan cities are quiet in these karst placescapes. Moreover, sundry of these cities to-boot are situated aloft or nigh ample aquifers that contribute immultiply (in the make of reasonwater) to the city and exclusive areas.

For Questions 5 to 8, double‑click and stay each inquiry to get at the city located in a karst environment. To discaggravate the associated ample aquifer plan located underneath or adjacent to the city of share, fineeded Global Aquifer Distribution and click global map. Fill in the blanks under after a suitableness the apology:



Associated Aquifer

Question 5


A.   Miami

B.   Tampa

C.   Cairo

D.   Paris

A.   Gulf Coastal Plains

B.   Eastern European

C.   Central Asian

D.   Western Desert

Question 6


A.   Moscow

B.   Paris

C.   London

D.   New York

A.  Gulf Coastal Plains

B. Eastern European

C. Central Asian

D. Western Desert

Question 7


A.   Cairo

B.   Dubai

C.   Johannesburg

D.   Nairobi

A.   Eastern Africa

B.   Sahara Basin

C.   South Africa

D.   Karoo Basin

Question 8


A.   Paris

B.   Bonn

C.   Rome

D.   Madrid

A.   Southern Europe

B.   Germanic Basin

C.   Parisian Basin

D.   Alpine Aquifer


 Collapse and unstay GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE.


 Expand the KARST TOPOGRAPHY folder, and then double‑click and fineeded Dunnellon, Florida.

 After the topographic map displays in Google Earth, enlarge the Feature A folder, and then fineeded twain Indication A and Feature A Profile.
Note: You jurisdiction possess to zoom out to palpably see Indication A.

Notice that the delineation sequences are enclosed and hachured.

Question 9: What do enclosed hachured delineation sequences topographically represent?

A.   Water body

B.   Hill top or tall top

C.   Depression

D.   Unsure environing straight residuum of delineation


Question 10: What do enclosed delineation sequences without hachured sequences topographically represent?

A.   Water body

B.   Hill top or tall top

C.   Depression

D.   Unsure environing straight residuum of delineation


Question 11: What loveness of karst placemake is Indication A?

A.   Sinkhole

B.   Cave

C.   Cavern

D.   Tower Karst

 Right click the promise Feature A Profile and fineeded Show Mollify Prorefine

Question 12: What is the alleviation (dissent in mollify betwixt apex mollify and multiplyiality mollify) after a suitablenessin Indication A using the mollify prorefine (in feet)? (Select the apology closest to what you see in your mollify prorefine window).


A.   70 feet

B.   1,393 feet

C.   900 feet

D.   9 feet


 Unstay the folder Feature A. Verify Dunnellon, Florida is tranquil enabled, and then double‑click and fineeded Feature B.

Question 13: Why would these indications possess to be on the exterior?

A.   Ground is too gentle to build them underground

B.   Ground is too wet to build them underground

C.   Risk of wasteimmultiply contaminating reasonwater

D.   Risk of reasonimmultiply contaminating wastewater


 Unstay Feature B. Verify Dunnellon, Florida is tranquil enabled, and then double‑click and fineeded Feature C.

Question 14: What is this indication?

A.   A lake

B.   A pond

C.   A spring

D.   A swamp

 Unstay Feature C. Verify Dunnellon, Florida is tranquil enabled, and then double‑click and fineeded Feature D.

Question 15: What is this indication?

A.   Stream

B.   Road

C.   Trail

D.   River

 Unstay Feature D. Double‑click and fineeded Feature E. Notice what the indication looks love in the Topographic map.

 Unstay the Dunnellon, Florida topographic map. Use the Historical Imagery option to set the continuance to 1/5/1999. Compare the immultiply in the indication in 1999 to the immultiply indication on 1/17/2010.

Question 16: What has happened to the immultiply flatten in Indication D?

A.   The immultiply flatten has increased

B.   The immultiply flatten has abated

C.   The immultiply flatten has remained the same

D.   Unpotent to mention

 Unstay Dunnellon, Florida.

Now we succeed go to Mt. Gambier, Australia.

 Double‑click and fineeded Umpherston Sinkhole. Click the combine on the call out box for Umpherston Sinkhole and wait the lacking video prune.

Question 17: What is this sinkhole used for?

A.   Landfill

B.   Garden

C.   Swimming pool

D.   Golf course

 Collapse and unstay KARST TOPOGRAPHY


 Expand the TOWER KARST LANDSCAPES folder.

 Double‑click and fineeded Tower Karst.

This is an in of mollify karst in southern China, nigh Guilin, in Guangxi Province. These mollifys are the conclusive retaining pieces of a limestone outcrop. The quiet of the limestone has been weathered and eroded. The soar of these placescapes can be perfectly inaccessible.

 Select Slope. Right‑click Slope, and then fineeded Show Mollify Profile.

Question 18: What is the middle independent soar (percentage)? (Select the apology closest to what you see in your mollify prorefine window).

A.   80%

B.   32%

C.   74%

D.   -91%

Question 19: What place use is quiet throughout the valleys? (Hint: you may possess to pan environing the likeness).

A.   Commercial buildings

B.   Industrial complexes

C.   Agricultural fields

D.   Golf courses

From the video you waited in the Introduction multiply of this Module, we distinguish that there are sundry caves and caverns in the Karst placescapes of Florida.

Question 20: Would you anticipate to discaggravate sundry caves give in the mollify karst placescape?

A.   Yes, consequently caves are a base indication of karst placescapes

B.   No, consequently erosion has unprotected the caves

C.   Yes, consequently tall immultiply flattens compose caves

D.   No, consequently low immultiply flattens compose caves

 Collapse and unstay TOWER KARST LANDSCAPES




 Expand CAVES AND CAVERNS. The subjoined is a roll of filthy of the most spectacular caves and caverns located in the universe. Click Longest cave to prepare apologying the subjoined inquirys.


Cave Name


Question 21: Longest Cave - This is the longest cave plan in the universe, at aggravate 627 km

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Gatrell Caves

D.   Antarctic Caves

A.   USA

B.   Canada

C.   Russia

D.   Australia

Question 22: Deepest Cave - This is the deepest cave in the universe, at 2,191 m

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Gatrell Caves

D.   Lechuguilla Cave

A.   USA

B.   Georgia

C.   Russia

D.   France

Question 23: Scientists Barely - As multiply of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the primary proviso and rare speleothems (cave makeations) asmemorial barely cave scientists and geologists to possess access

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Gatrell Caves

D.   Lechuguilla Cave

A.   USA

B.   Spain

C.   Egypt

D.   Australia

Question 24: Inviolable Room -This cave – arguably a inviolable room to Paleolithic peoples- contains aggravate a thousand cave paintings, some of which continuance tail 17,000 years

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Lascaux Cave

D.   Lechuguilla Cave

A.   Russia

B.   France

C.   Canada

D.   Australia


 Collapse and uncheck CAVES AND CAVERNS.



 Expand the GROUNDWATER folder. Double‑click and fineeded Gray County, Kansas.

This is Gray County, Kansas. As you can disclose from the benevolence pivot irrigation circles, husbandry is the dominant place use in the county. The Arkansas Large stream – vulgar west to east – bisects the county. There is not ample immultiply in the large stream to contribute ample immultiply for irrigation. Therefore, immultiply fount for irrigation is reasonwater.

We cannot see the aquifer that is supplying the immultiply for irrigation, but we do possess courteous-mannered-mannered advice that indicates the profoundness of the immultiply consideration. In open, we exhibit the deeper the immultiply consideration, the deeper the courteous-mannered.

 Double‑click and fineeded Well Depths.

This map shows the profoundness of the immultiply consideration. It was composed using axioms from 100 courteous-mannereds. The further yellow the area, the shalinferior the courteous-mannered-mannered and the further cerulean, the deeper. The deepest courteous-mannereds possess a profoundness of almost 500 feet.

 Double‑click and fineed, Surface Profile. Right‑click Surface Profile, and then fineeded Show Mollify Profile.

This surface prorefine sequence is almost 25 miles in prolixity and the mollify varies by 24 meters barely. This is not plenteous alter in mollify aggravate 25 miles.

With the mollify prorefine showing at the foot of the shelter, run your cursor parallel the x-axis. Look at the comcomposition of the red arrow, not-absolute to the courteous-mannered-mannered profoundness map.

Question 25: What is the interconnection betwixt exterior mollify and courteous-mannered-mannered profoundness?

A.   In open, the taller the place mollify, the deeper the courteous-mannered-mannered profoundness

B.   In open, the inferior the place mollify, the deeper the courteous-mannered-mannered profoundness

C.   In open, the taller the place mollify, the shalinferior the courteous-mannered-mannered profoundness

D.   Unpotent to disclose from likeness


Question 26: What does this interconnection intimate?

A.   In this area, reasonimmultiply flattens tends to mollify and decline after a suitableness the topography of the place

B.   In this area, reasonimmultiply flattens are not-absolutely the same

C.   In this area, courteous-mannereds are barely bored where the reasonimmultiply flatten is nigh the exterior

D.   Unpotent to mention.

 Double‑click and fineeded Withdrawal.

This is a map of the Tall Plains aquifer showing alters in the immultiply tpotent flatten for a twenty year age (1980-1999). Green areas are not-absolutely solid, but as the speciousness alters from yellow to red to pink, the flatten of the immultiply tpotent declines, aggravate 60 feet in the pink areas. The dominant place use is husbandry.

Question 27: Why is the immultiply flatten in some portions of the Tall Plains aquifer damage? (Check all that allot).

A.   Agricultural use is after a suitablenessdrawing impart

B.   Recharge rates are hither than after a suitablenessdrawal rates

C.   Recharge rates are further than after a suitablenessdrawal rates

D.   Unpotent to mention





Circle of Blue. 2011. Accessed May 23, 2011.

Page 3. Photo: Groundimmultiply emerging from a limestone cave, Tennessee, USA (Photo civility of Dr. Nancy Hoalst-Pullen)

Page 4. Photo: Mollify karst placeforms, Guangxi Province, China. (Photo civility of Dr. Mark W. Patterson)

Page 5. Photo: Benevolence pivot irrigation using reasonwater. (Google Earth  at 38 05 18N, 99 02 48W)


Page 6. Photo: A memorial denoting ebb from 1925-1977 in the San Joaquin Valley, California, USA. (USGS)

Page 7. Photo: Karst placescape in southern France. (Wikimedia)



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