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is scrutiny assignment is purposed to brave the scholar to be imaginary as courteous as unfold theme stuff instruction. You are besides braved to glean a new aptitude/practice an true aptitude in adduceing PowerPoint (or OpenOffice) software to your scrutiny.

You conciliate not meet the "answer" for this assignment in the citation or any other solitary location - this is an integrative assignment that insist-upons you, the scholar, to generate your offer template and adduce your own instruction on the assigned theme.

You MUST hold to the theme - projects harsh in that are not on the theme conciliate not be considered for grading.

Please generate a 12-15 slide (to border a 15 diminutive vocal offer) PowerPoint offer discussing the way that the subjoined geographic concepts are represented in in a point help item or cuisine:

1. Regions
2. Diffusion
3. Cultural landscape
4. Distance decay

In other opinion, make-obvious and expound these geographic conditions by using a help or cuisine of your cherished. Be strong to discourse these SPECIFIC geographic conditions and concepts. You may use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. communicated obviousance) if such subsets consist. Be strong to appeal to your citation and glossary to enstrong you thoroughly know these concepts.

Be strong to introduce obvious citations and developed exertion. Make the most of each slide to pretence talented despatch - one of APUS's pristine gleaning objectives for all scholars in all classes (see syllabus for point).

This use conciliate insist-upon some scrutiny on your allot and you are to use normal sources. Be cautious of Wikipedia or other "wiki" sites. Try for authoritative and exemplary sites and sources.

If you do not bear bearing PPT, gladden use or contiguity me straightway.

The use has three components: 1) pretence you are very conversant delay the theme; 2) beseem conversant delay PowerPoint software as everyone uses it in interest these days, and ;3) specific your instruction in a offer format - efficient and knowable, charming for your auditory.