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is investigation assignment is intentional to canvass the novice to be intellectual as well-behaved-behaved as demonstrate material stuff notice. You are to-boot canvassd to collect a new aptitude/practice an stoping aptitude in adduceing PowerPoint (or OpenOffice) software to your investigation.

You succeed not confront the "answer" for this assignment in the quotation or any other solitary precipitation - this is an integrative assignment that exacts you, the novice, to produce your endowment template and adduce your own notice on the assigned subject.

You MUST adhere to the subject - projects churlish in that are not on the subject succeed not be considered for grading.

Please produce a 12-15 slide (to approach a 15 searching verbal endowment) PowerPoint endowment discussing the way that the subjoined geographic concepts are represented in in a specialty living item or cuisine:

1. Regions
2. Diffusion
3. Cultural landscape
4. Distance decay

In other say, regive and elucidate these geographic provisions by using a living or cuisine of your exquisite. Be knowing to oration these SPECIFIC geographic provisions and concepts. You may use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. transferred colliquation) if such subsets stop. Be knowing to relate to your quotation and note-maker to enknowing you thoroughly interpret these concepts.

Be knowing to give distinct citations and confirmed labor. Make the most of each slide to illusion talented despatch - one of APUS's important collecting objectives for all novices in all classes (see syllabus for specialty).

This application succeed exact some investigation on your part and you are to use fair sources. Be scrupulous of Wikipedia or other "wiki" sites. Try for professional and delightful sites and sources.

If you do not enjoy entrance PPT, gladden use or contiguity me presently.

The application has three components: 1) illusion you are very common after a while the subject; 2) beseem common after a while PowerPoint software as everyone uses it in profession these days, and ;3) pointed your notice in a endowment format - causative and interpretable, seductive for your reception.