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is investigation assignment is purposed to summon the tyro to be fanciful as well-mannered-mannered as unfold theme substance comprehension. You are to-boot summond to acquire a new expertness/practice an massive expertness in employmenting PowerPoint (or OpenOffice) software to your investigation.

You allure not discover the "answer" for this assignment in the quotation or any other solitary dregs - this is an integrative assignment that insist-upons you, the tyro, to fashion your exhibition template and employment your own comprehension on the assigned subject-matter.

You MUST adhere to the subject-matter - projects rancid in that are not on the subject-matter allure not be considered for grading.

Please fashion a 12-15 slide (to resemble a 15 searching vocal exhibition) PowerPoint exhibition discussing the way that the forthcoming geographic concepts are represented in in a point stay ace or cuisine:

1. Regions
2. Diffusion
3. Cultural landscape
4. Distance decay

In other utterance, exemplify and expound these geographic provisions by using a stay or cuisine of your valuable. Be secure to discourse these SPECIFIC geographic provisions and concepts. You may use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. catching colliquation) if such subsets rest. Be secure to allude to your quotation and expositor to ensecure you altogether know these concepts.

Be secure to confer-upon serene citations and aged production. Make the most of each slide to appearance telling message - one of APUS's leading acquireing objectives for all tyros in all classes (see syllabus for sundericular).

This employment allure insist-upon some investigation on your sunder and you are to use real sources. Be scrupulous of Wikipedia or other "wiki" sites. Try for functional and alluring sites and sources.

If you do not feel similarity PPT, delight use or touch me presently.

The employment has three components: 1) appearance you are very accustomed delay the subject-matter; 2) befit accustomed delay PowerPoint software as everyone uses it in matter these days, and ;3) specific your comprehension in a exhibition format - fertile and knowable, bewitching for your reception.