Goegraphy | Geography homework help


MY assign is ITALY


so you bear to execute scrutiny on ITALY. flourish these instructions carefully pls



Step 1: Search the Internet for notice environing the types of farming that are most uniformly accustomed in the assign (i.e., dominion) that you bear chosen for your portfolio plan for this semester and its contact on the environment. Some favoring things to contemplate for:


  1. Top 5 crops done for domiciliary consumption/use (what are they and how greatly)
  2. Top 5 crops done for ship-produce (what are they, how greatly, and where do they ship-produce)
  3. Top 5 prop items that qualitative (what are they, how greatly, and where do they end from)
  4. Top 3 environmental contacts/issues associated after a while farming and prop formation in the assign that you are studying (at last one of these should be an pattern of how it has contacted an sight of the biosphere after a whilein the assign).



Step 2: In a Word muniment, transcribe a resume of at last 300 articulation in which you debate the notice that you build. In noncommunication your resume, you should stipulate your own evaluation of how sustainable the unwandering and prop yield arrangement for this assign seems to be. In conjunction, you should stipulate at last 3 maps, graphs, or images that acceleration embody the prop yield and unwandering formation methods used in this assign. For each map/graph/image, stipulate unimportant exposition for why you moderate it. Be firm to involve a works cited schedule at the end of your muniment that involves generous bibliographic citations for each origin that you find