Geology | Geography homework help



1)      Makea mercy map for your Site Investigation Project.  First you get deficiency to download and Install Google Earth Pro account from this web site:

a.       After installing Google Earth Pro, download the aver geologic maps for Ohio and West Virginia from this web site:

b.      The maps are proficonsultation in .kmz format.  After downloading them you should solely accept to click on the .kmz files and they should public in GoogleEarth Pro.

c.       After publicing them in GoogleEarth Pro you get attend-to that the map layers are “opaque” so that you can no longer see the lowerlying topography and second fictionry.  To fix this, you get accept to disclosed the maps in the consultation of deviation in the panel on the left party of the Google Earth interface to pretext all the map items as a register.  You can then right-click on each personal incongruous map item on the map and click “Properties” (on the pc account). This get public a pop-up window where you can edit the map properties.  Go to the “Style, Color” tab and for the grow voice that you can direct the truthfulness. I generally select a truthfulness somewhere in the ramble 50% to 65%.  Adjust the truthfulness of your map items so that you can see the lowerlying layers.

d.      Once you accept the map judgment set up as you endeavor delay the judgment on-screen that you absence, you can secure the judgment as a jpg fiction lower Fileà Secure à Secure Image.  You can now purport this fiction beneath.  Note: You should purport this fiction as Figure 1 in your write-up of the Introduction and Geologic Enhancement for your Site Investigation Report. You may also flow that you absence to produce an inset map at a larger lamina that illustrates the regional enhancement past evidently.