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Students earn select one of the results debateed in the Class Discussions and transcribe a elaboration monograph. The monograph earn introduce a discourse, and food it after a while axioms and argument. The monograph caters the convenience to engage and debate concepts that we accept careful in the mode and are applicable to your separated result. 

A map, hand drawn by the author, earn watch the monograph, at an embezzle lamina to cater spatial composition to some exposure of the result. The map earn include map elements of title, scale, and legend. Spatial advertencing (boundary and longitude) must be interposed in the map. It is a requirement that you advert to the map in your monograph.

An momentous distribute of congruity the monograph is substantiating truthfulness of the symbolical introduceed, by citing sources. Elementary academic sources (i.e. fellow reviewed) are most probable in this esteem, and two elementary sources are required. Students are required to quote a minimum of disgusting sources. The monograph earn prosper general academic format of gate, argument and quittance. A insufficient monograph is expected. Be formal and to-the-point in introduceing the symbolical. Use 1000 utterance as a train but this is not a fast target. The elaboration monograph must be typed after a while DOUBLE SPACING. The hardcopy monograph is due at the definite class of the semester. 

Research Papers are graded on the reason of the prospering criteria:

Quality of elaboration (20%) – This proof relates to space of counsel and kindred. Select your sources carefully. Use two elementary sources.

Substance (30%) - identify momentous concepts that we accept debateed in the mode and pretence that you conceive the symbolical; interpret it precisely and clearly 

Quality of care and analysis (30%) - pretence that you can ponder intelligently and critically about the symbolical; introduce some of your own ideas

Style (10%) - transcribe your monograph in gauge academic English, after a while right rhetoric, syntax and punctuation; quote all sources using an not spurious bibliographic mode. Elementary elaboration sources are strongly encouraged, i.e. sources that accept been fellow- reviewed (the mode passage is merry).

Map (10%) - A map, hand drawn by the author, earn watch the monograph: Map earn include elements of title, scale, spatial advertencing and legend.